View Full Version : 500 pts &1000 pts of Dwarfiness

28-12-2005, 17:29
Hi all,

Here is my provisional 1000 pts dwarf list:

Thorack (Thane)
Great Weapon
Master Rune of Kragg the Grim
Rune of Fury
Master Rune of Gromil
139 pts

Dragon Slayer
50 pts

20 Warriors
Full Command
205 pts

19 Longbeards
Great Weapons
Full Command
Rune of Courage (I face undead and Ogres alot)
Rune of Sanctuary
318 pts

12 Thunderers
168 pts

Organ Gun
120 pts

1000 pts exactly.

The dragon slayer is there for some tactical flexibility and fun factor. Besides, I love that model. :D

The Organ gun and thunderers will deploy either side of the combat units and funnel them in, all the while pounding them with missile fire.

And here is my 500 pts Border Patrol list:

Thorack (Thane)
Great Weapon
Master Rune of Gromil
94 pts

19 Warriors
Full Command
196 pts

10 Thunderers
140 pts

Bolt Thrower
Rune of Reloading (for magical attacks against ethereal stuff)
70 pts

500 pts exactly

This army stands back and shoots, waiting for the enemy to close in.

Thoughts and suggestions on either of the above lists? Is the dragon slayer useful?