View Full Version : Any experience using WE special characters?

05-06-2009, 03:54
Hi all

So I've looking at my WE book after a long time playing with my other armies and my atention was caught by the special characters. Eventhough i've been playing WE since the book came out (since before that actually) i've never fielded any of them. All 3 (Orion, Drycha and the twins) seem terribly overpriced but still offer some interesting ideas.

Anyone has any experience with them? Can they be worth it?

Also an errata question: Do the sisters of twilight use a Lord choice or a Hero choice? My book is in spanish and it says one hero choice for both of them but it seems somehow odd since i've never seen a WE list go double dragon on 2Kpts.

05-06-2009, 08:29
I like the rules for the sisters and Drycha, but I don't know about Orion. Like Drychas teleportation. I also like the sisters rule if 1 dies in phase but the other one is still alive at the end they both come back to full health. But other than that I don't think they will be very effective.

06-06-2009, 04:37
Drycha is very potent. Her rules allow you to keep troops in reserve and bring them out from woods and that in itself lets you come at your opponent from all directions. Unfortunately it limits your selection of units.

Orion is interesting. He is not powerful, but he is fun. I have built a "Wild Hunt" list, which used mostly Cav with some Dryads. It was fun to play, but I would not call it powerful.

10-06-2009, 19:26
I don't have much experience with him, but I had a game against Skaven with Orion the other day. If you can get him into the center of the Skaven line relatively unscathed, either through LOS trickery or judicious treesinging, his 18" radius Panic charge effect can cause Skaven to absolutely crumple. They can get around it by using the Death Frenzy spell, but I ran off a lot of key units with Orion's horn blast.