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Rules found HERE (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19729), Fluff bellow:

The Phantom Lords:

The story of the Phantom Lords beings during the terrible wars between man and the Iron Men. Little is know of that time as very few records survived the period. To make matters worse for the would be Iron Man historian most of the information that survived the period and the intervening years was recovered during the Great Crusade, and then destroyed en mass as the Libraries on Mars burned during the Hearsay.

Still a few scraps from the period survived and some, especially those amongst the Adeptus Mechanus, could be considered what passes for “experts” on the subject of Iron Men. One such Tech Adept was Mrashen Coren.

Like most of the priests of Mars Mrashen looked to the past for innovations, but unlike most of his colleges who spent their lives searching for fragments of the STC, Mrashen was interested more in artifacts from the Dark Age of Technology, and the war with the Iron Men that ended it.

It was in this pursuit that Mrashen came across a few fragments of burnt, unimaginably old paper in the Libraries of Mars. Though most of the document was destroyed enough could be made out to determine a few things. First it was clearly from the time of the Iron Men. Second it regarded the destruction a large number of “Bio-Powerplants,” though the document gave no further details as to what these could be. This however was enough, and armed only with a new system for determining the original origin of a document through analysis of the paper, age, and its relation to the Library itself, Mrashen began his doomed quest to find the Bio-Powerplants of the Iron Men

It took Mrashen a decade, of careful analysis of the document to even begin to trace its origins, the Northern Rim of the Galactic Plane, and almost twice as long to search for the world document mention. At last however Mrashen and his small flotilla of Adeptus Mechanus ships arrived over Xeon Zeta IIIX. The world itself had been named years before by a Star Mapping team but had been determined to far from the Galactic core to be worth notice.

While it was clear that the world had once enjoyed a vibrant ecosystem it was equally clear that it had been violently obliterated. In its place was built a vast nearly world spanning system of advance technology that, had it been working, would have made Mrashen one of the most famous Tech Adepts ever. Unfortunately for Mrashen however, the technological wonder that this world had clearly once been had, like the world’s ecosystem, met with a very violent end. That combined with thousands of years neglect, and clear signs that Orks had beaten humanity to the prize, meant there was just one artifact worth taking back to Mars.

But what an artifact it was. Standing 12 stories tall and surrounded on all sides with not only massive destruction and clear signs of Ork presence, was a huge stasis chamber housing at least a thousand of what could only be described as “creatures.” Clearly the occupants had at one time been human but they had been operated on and cybernetically “enhanced” by a hand that clearly lacked the compassion of a living creature. These tortured forms where suspended unmoving and unfeeling in stasis, but more than that, despite their state they where somehow producing just enough energy to power the strange device.
How these creatures where producing any kind of energy, let alone in stasis, was a mystery to Mrashen. While his instincts told him to leave the artifact, as the Orks instincts had clearly told them, finding this world had taken him almost 30 years, and if he did not return with something it would all be for nothing. And thus after nearly a month of modification to the largest of his Atmosphere capable ships, he hauled the tower off into space and then into his own personal command ship, and from there to the warp.

Its unknown what exactly happened in the Mrashen and his small flotilla in the Warp, though it is theorized that the flotilla fused to become a oft sited Space Hulk, name by the residents of the Northern Regions of the Empire “The Tortured Soul” both because the way in which the hulls are fused has been described as looking as if “a mad man had attempted to torture a large ship to death,” and because on the first attempt to salvage the vessel all that was found on board was hundreds of dead bodies, most of whom had been tortured to death, many who had strange cybernetic devices crudely integrated into their bodies before they died.

Once Mrashen left the Xeon Zeta IIIX system no man returned for another 2 millennia. Like Mrashen the next visitor was a member of the Adeptus Mechanus, but unlike Mrashen he had no interest in the Iron Men, he was a far more practical Tech Adept. All Relche wanted was the flotilla that Mrashen had left with. Though the space hulk Tortured Soul has already been spotted, and attempts where made to salvage it, this had never been a sufficient answer to the Adeptus Mechanus as to the fate of their expensive flotilla of space crafts. To this end Relche was dispatched to the last known location of the flotilla with orders of determining its exact whereabouts, and if destroyed, the cause.

What Relche found upon entering the Xeon Zeta IIIX would have made Mrashen die with joy, for where as the world had been dead in his time, it was now quickly rebuilding. However being far more practical than Mrashen, Relche was simply disgusted by what he found.

Xeon Zeta IIIX had become a large factory world devoted to processing 2 things, raw ore into metals and metals, polymers, and living human bodies into unspeakable creatures. To Relche this was clearly a sign of Xeno influence, for even if the creature bellow could have one been called human, that was clearly no longer the case. Thus he contacted the Ordo Xeno of the Inquisition, and with a few pulled strings, a Lord of that order was quickly dispatched.

Once the Inquisition arrived it took the austere body less than a day to determine the fate of the world, Exterminatus. Even as the missiles fell that would obliterate the world, the Phantom Lords where aware, and in an instant before they would meet their fate, the left the world en mass.

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It took some years however to determine that creatures had escaped. They are skittish by nature, preferring to use anonymity as their greatest defense, and for over 6 centuries this proved effective. This all came to a close however when the a small Hive on Calinus was attacked. Before the fall of the Hive the Astrophathes of the city where able to get out a distress signal, and the first images of a Phantom Lord attack.

It was hear for the first time that their most terrible ability was witnessed, that ability to phase in and out of the warp at will. This combined with powerfully and misunderstood weapons and their terrible method that Phantom Lords used to make more of their own was enough that Imperium declared that they where to be eradicated.

Over the next 2 millennium a small but vicious campaign was fought against the Phantom Lords, mostly by Ordo Xenos and Death Watch as the conventional forces of the Empire where to slow to properly react to the threat. During this time many cell where defeated, and many Phantom Lords slain, but in the end the trend was clear, Phantom Lords where growing larger in number. Still the tendency of even the largest of cells to never settle for long, meant that the war was extremely difficult to fight.

This all changed however with the fall of Alphanarina. Once Alphaanrina had been a factory world aspiring to perhaps one day be considered a forge world. Despite it’s size however and large population the world was in effect nothing but a collection of 3 Large relatively unconnected cities. The Phantom Lords struck without warning appearing by the millions all over the world, in the first hour all of the world’s Astrophathes. Without help from the Empire at large the world quickly fell, and in the 4 decades it took the Empire at large to investigate the world’s disappearance its face had changed to mirror that of Xeon Zeta IIIX, a nightmare world crawling with cybernetically enhanced monsters and powered by tortured souls.

Forty-Fire years after the Alphaanrina’s last Astrophath died the world was facing Exterminatus. As the Ordo Xeno’s fleet prepared to move into firing range with their world killer weapons, some kind of massive weapons array appeared out of nowhere and fired on the flag ship before a single member of the fleet could react. That single shoot destroyed the ships shields, and damaged her hull, but left her intact, and battle ready. The array itself was destroyed when a picket ship of the fleet was able to cause minor damage, destroying but a few Bio-Capacitors. The resultant feedback surge then tore the ship apart.

Thinking the vessel nothing but a desperate attempt to stop the fleet, it was largely ignored and the space vessels once again moved forward to find a targeting solution. It was then that the Phantom Lords struck. At first the attack was light, most of those that boarded the Flag Ship from the warp died as they appeared in the hull. But those few that survived showed the rest where to board and within minutes the ship was over run with Phantom Lords. Despite the best efforts of the Ship’s Crew the attackers pushed ever forward towards the engineering section and the massive Warp Engines the power the behemoth. By the time the Ship’s Captain realized their goal, it was too late to eject the core. Within minutes of reaching Engineering the entire area was sealed off, and then just as the attackers left, the Warp Storm Devices arrived.

The Destruction of the Lead Ship in a massive artificial Warp Storm created a very natural one, sealing an entire sub sector in its grasp. Only now after, nearly Nine Centuries is it finally beginning to abate, and soon the Phantom Lords will be free again, and this time they will very likely be able to strike from a position of power!

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The Organization of the Phantom Lords

The technology that created the Phantom Lords was lost with the Iron Men. However enough of it remains, literally in the blood of the Phantom Lords, that they can recreate themselves. This is possible because of a highly adaptive nanotech that courses through the veins of the Phantom Lords, and is capable not only of rapid self reproduction, but mutation into any number of useful forms. Thus a Sacrifice is necessary to create new Phantom Lords.

Into what is know to the Ordo Xeno as birthing pits is placed a single Phantom Lord warrior, along with generally a good number of local animals, and other raw materials such as metal and polymers that will be needed to complete the transformation from human to phantom lord. Once all the necessary materials are within the pit, everything with in is violently slaughtered. The pool is then left for a number of days so that the Nano-machines that where in the Warriors blood have time to reproduce. When they are so numerous that the pit seems to be boiling of its own accord, then it is ready to create new phantoms.

As long as the pit is keep stocked with iron rich blood and the raw materials to create phantoms the pit will last indefinitely, though it can become sluggish if not given the occasional boost of Bio-Energy. Those thrown in, usually alive but paralyzed by hunter killer Nano-machines, have about a 50% chance of survival. Should the die their blood and other nutrients will be recycled to maintain the pit. Of those that survive about 50% have lost themselves complete to the pain and terror of the process, these become the living power plants and bio-capacitors that allow the Phantom Lords to exist. The remained are primarily Warriors, mostly Phantoms, and the occasional worker, the Phantom Lord equivalent to a Servitor.

The Warriors themselves are divided into 3 general ranks, Phantoms, Shadows, and the Phantom Lord. Phantoms are more or less mindless, their minds being barely intact enough to become warriors. These are the core, and by far the most numerous, of all Phantom Lord Armies. Above them are the Shadows these are beings who had the strength of will enough to keep their minds intact through the process of becoming Phantom Lords, and thus are much more desirable as solders. In general they come into two varieties, Deaths’ Shadows and Winds’ Shadows. The Deaths’ Shadows have accepted, and to some degree, even embraced their fate and the power it gives them, making them the Phantom Lords most trusted and desired Warriors. Winds’ Shadows want nothing but release, and never truly are able to enter this world always being halfway in this one and half way in the neither world of the warp. While they have a tendency to simply wink out of existence at any moment, their suffering finally at an end, the speed their state gives them is terrible to behold.

In any case Shadows most often seen in the company of Phantoms, whom while they are alive do nothing but mimic the action of the Shadow they are accompanied by. The go where the shadow goes, they shoot what the shadow shoots, and flee only when the shadow loses its will.

The last and most terrible rank is that of Phantom Lord. While all Phantom Lords may travel safely in the warp, it is only the Phantom Lord that is able to pierce the barrier between this realm and that of the warp. Thus if the Phantom Lord dies, his entire cell is likely lost. That being said however the Phantom Lord is no pushover. Boasting some of the strongest Physic Barriers ever discovered, possessing a will that is indomitable, often even possessing deadly physic powers that will rip even a tank apart, these are warriors supreme and even the Space Marines should tread carefully in their presence.

The forth, and by far most common, kind of Phantom Lord is that of the humble Bio-Power plant. The limitation of Phantom Lord technology are such that the Nano-Machines can produce little to nothing of any great significance that is not in someway tied to a living breathing warp sensitive creature, almost always humans. Thus to power all of their machinery, to keep Berthing Pits in proper working order, even to properly use their weapons, Bio-Power Plants – living battery that can create a fantastic amount of energy from the simple raw warp potential of the average human are necessary. These creatures are in all actuality brain dead, their bodies merrily existing in a cocoon of technology, their sole purpose to create the bio-energy that sustains the Phantom Lords.

The Phantom Lords are organized into Cells. Each Cell consists of one Phantom Lord, and as many Phantoms and Shadows as it can gather. Thus a Cell might be less than a hundred, or the size of a small hive. Whatever the size each Cell is fully capable of moving as a whole to follow the Phantom Lord. While smaller warp shifts, no longer than a AU, can be conducted on a whim, large shifts, such as those between worlds, require a number of specially built Bio-power plant. The host inside these plant is always useless after each jump however, and thus securing new hosts to power them is always the first thing that every Cell does upon reaching a new world.

In fact most cells simply travel to new worlds to grow. Usually they’ll simply irradicate a small and undefended comunit, first replace those loss in transite, then growing their numbers in general, before leaving the world before a response can be mustered. Its only when a Cell gets so large that there is little to nothing to gain by attacking a small community that they begin to become truly dangerous. Hive sized cells while thankfully very small in number, make up the most devastation caused by the race because of their size they must attack other hives simply to grow.

This is dangerous for the cell just as much as it is for the Empire however because the longer a cell stays on a world the greater the change the Empire has of mounting an effective response against them. In this way many Cells simply decide they no longer need to grow, and will seek out some quite spot to bide their time for, whatever it is the Phantoms Wait.

Some cells however are never satisfied. Being incredibly violent, they’ll attempt to consume all they see before disappearing to the Warp when they feel the odds are against them. Other cells are content merely to wander, staying small and only replacing those they lost in transit from one world to the next, their overall intent, if they have any, totally unknown. Still others are clearly searching for something or someone, moving from place to place seeking out site of untold age for clues to a puzzle only they know of. A few have even been know to go to a world, recover those lost in transit, and then release wave after wave of specially designed hunter killers that spread a Nano-Plague amongst the population, often dooming the world to destruction via Exterminates to prevent the plagues spread.

In all cases their style of war is similar. If the population is relatively undefended, they cell will often simply send wave after Hunter Killers, small inch wide disks that literally skip on their stored bio-energy as stones might skip on water. These Hunter Killers seek only to get close to a target and then disintegrate into a fine mist of nano-machines that will paralyze an undefended target. Once the town is thusly neutralized the Warrior will move in and gather up the bodies, taking them to the Birthing Pits to become new Phantom Lords.

If the population is defended then the Warriors themselves will come out in force, using arcane devices designed to fire raw Bio-Energy. Without assistance the weapon will fire such an unrefined blast of energy that it has more akin with raw warp power. The effect of this is to scramble the nervous system of the victim leaving them a vegetable in seconds, perfect for conversion into a Bio-Power Plant. The gun itself does not get truly dangerous however unless it is combine with a specialize Bio-Power Plant called a Bio-Capacitor. These devices are designed to release their stored energy much more rapidly allowing the guns to fire coherent streams of Bio-Energy that, if enough Bio-Capacitors are used, can destroy anything they are fired at.

Augmenting this terrible firepower are waves of Hunter Killers and Warriors equipped with huge claws instead of fingers called Warp Talons. These Talons are surrounded by a field of warp instability that does not effect inorganic matter, likely to protect the wieldier, will upon contact with organic mater in effect transport it in a random direction a few inches away creating a mist of organs and blood.

All of this in warriors who can appear out of nowhere, and should the tide turn against them, disappear just as quickly!