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05-06-2009, 10:21
Greetings all. First off I apologize for not having any visuals this week however I will have some next week for the rest of our battles.

this week had FIVE epic battles against: Chaos mortals, Skaven, Lizardmen, Chaos mortals, and ogres.

The First match was against a good friend of mine and it was a 3000 point game of chaos vs chaos (sexy no?)

he chose:
8X knights with the banner of teh rage
2 Exalteds
1X sorcerer lord
3 units of marauder horsemen
a war shrine and a giant

mine was:
Sorcerer lord of tzeentch
3 lvl 2 wizards
1X Exalted Mon and demonic steed

2 units of 5 knights
10 warhaounds
1 warshrine
2 units of chaos warriors (12 in each with champion and standards) one mok and one slaanesh (all with halberds and shields)
1 unit of 14 chosen (got plus one S) gw and shield MoT
1 unit of 20 marauders with GW and MoK
1 unit of marauder horsemen
1X bloodbeast (spawn)

i won first turn and marched my first unit of 5 hounds 14 inches from archaon and the frenzied knights. and re arranged my chosen slaanesh warriors and khorne knights with herald. rest of my army marched. magic was meh killed a few things but shooting was better my sorcerer on disc blood curdling roar and killed all 5 marauder horsemen on the far flank. his turn: charges none except the compulsory charge of archaon and his knights hounds of course fled and he parked in the middle of nowhere between 3 of my units who were going to charge him next turn. his magic gateway and killed 2 marauders ;) and his magic was shut down. my next turn : archaon was charged from the front by knights side by S7 chosen and other side by warriors of slaanesh with halberds he challenged my knight champion accepted and got butchered with 5 wounds. and in return i killed all his knights archaon failed and failed again (rerolls) and ran and i chased him down and killed him. then the rest of the match was mopping up.
that teaches the lesson never put archaon in a frenzied unit without screening.

05-06-2009, 11:35
The joys of all eggs in one basket! Ouch that had to hurt! My army is more like yours, with lots of units, even at 3K and beyond. I don't think I'd ever take such a small army, even against another Chaos player, as, just as you did, its too easy to gang up. I am eagerly awaiting the other reports.

05-06-2009, 12:43
As short as this report is it almost deserves to be a sticky as warning to other deathstars out there.

Good work on taking the big man down :)

05-06-2009, 19:11
30 models at 3k? Yikes, no room for mistakes there! 1 good Gateway would have wiped out half his army too.

08-06-2009, 07:01
As short as this report is it almost deserves to be a sticky as warning to other deathstars out there.

Good work on taking the big man down :)

Thanks Malorian. didnt so much take archaon down then wipe out his back up in one guy. then run him down, but i agree deathstars are wonderful ideas...against someone who doesnt know how to deal with them. also be careful how you use frenzied units because its a double edged sword ;) cant wait to face lizard men, might switch my wizards to nurgle (hehehe love the lore and they have low innitative which is nice.