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05-06-2009, 17:06
Just looking for opinions on this.

The Dark Marshal

Common Formations
6 companies of Mordor Orcs, 2h weapons, Captain, Banner
6 companies of Morannon Orcs, shields, Captain, Banner
2 companies of Orc Trackers
3 companies of Mordor Uruk-hai, 2h weapons, Captain

Rare Formations
3 companies of Black Guard of Barad-dur, Captain
4 companies of Morgul Knights, Commander, Banner
Troll Chieftain

05-06-2009, 17:20
I would say that the list looks pretty solid. The only thing I should consider at 1500 point was a way to bolster both Orc formation up to nine companies. Orcs are really nasty when fielded in that size, especially with their mob rule. You could remove the banners and add three more companies if you also switched The Dark Marshal with the Mouth of Sauron. Just one idea to solve it points wise. Or simply remove the banners and add two more companies.
I run the banners in the formation at the second rank of the command company for show when I don't have the points to actually include them. They look nice on the table when you play. :)

In my opinion I think that the Task Master are more important for Orcs than the Banner Bearer, especially if they are not lead by an Epic Hero like Gothmog.

05-06-2009, 19:19
Agreed that it looks pretty good. I'm a little wary of the uruks since they're only D4 and only having 6 companies of great weapon orcs. Both can get ground down rather quickly and will struggle to actually win a fight. I think I'd be more apt to turn the uruks into 3 more stands of mordor orcs and another stand of trackers.

I'm less worried about the courage because of the dark marshal. He does help but just be wary of him getting dueled.

Otherwise it looks fine.

Lord Asuryan
05-06-2009, 23:03
K, firstly, I'd say drop the troll chieftan for two regular trolls. troll chieftens are only really worth when there are others to take advantage of troll charge. also, the banners on the infantry units are mostly useless. drop em for more orcs. also, the mordor urul-hai should go, too fragile. possibly buy some orcs with bows, or another wraith, as your army has a severe lack of duellers.

05-06-2009, 23:16
Thanks for the advice guys. I might look into just dropping the Mordor Orcs in general...not interested in getting more of them until they prove themselves. So far, they've proven themselves in one way- they excel at dying. I don't really need those kinds of things, to be honest, besides, they aren't my favorite thing to paint. As for the banners on the infantry being useless...I'd like to point out that one of Gothmog's biggest advantages is the Army Banner, which needs other banners to work. I might look into two trolls too, but I'm short on money, and have other things to put money into...and I'm deliberately not taking other Wraiths. Thematic, and I think that more of them would be unbalancing with most of my opponents not knowing how to defend themselves against one of them right now.