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06-06-2009, 19:01
Hi, I have not bought most of this army yet I have only about 40 figures but I want to make a close-to-real list before buying the models :)

So heres my attempt at gun heavy empire army not trying to be too cheesy:

General /w steed and some items ~250
BsB /w horse + some protection ~125
Wizard /w staff of power(?) ~140
warrior priest /w mount + items ~125

25 swordsmen /w full command
-detachment 12 free comp & 6 archer ~260

25 swordsmen /w full command
-detachment 12 free comp & 6 archer ~260

5 Knights /w mus ~123

5 Knights /w mus ~123

10 crossbow/handgunners
with a detatchment of 5+5 handgunners =160

Great cannon =100
Great cannon =100

5 pistoliers /w mus ~105

Helblaster volley gun =110
helblaster volley gun =110

So this might go tad over 2k and I have to leave something out but what do you think about the list in general?

08-06-2009, 17:18
The list is fine as it is, a bit heavy on the shooting side if you ask me, but nothing over the top.

-Make the 10 crossbowmen handgunners and give them a marksman with Hochland long rifle. Then use the crossbowmen as detachments. This will give your warrior priest something to cast early on to draw dispel dice (Hammer of Sigmar on the marksman).

-Give the pistoliers an outrider champion with a repeater pistol; he gets 4 shots hitting on 4's, representing a significant boost for 20 points or so.

-Combat detachments: I prefer halberdiers with shields (you could get 10 of them for each unit of 12 free company), as the extra point of strength usually adds a couple of kills to the combat they charge into. A matter of preference, really, try them out and see which unit fits your plan best.

-Hellblaster Volley Guns: Some people might consider this a bit abusive, mainly due to the volleygun's 6th edition reputation. Truth is, depending on dice rolls, these machines may win you games. I'd Substitute one of them for another pistolier unit, right now your army is quite static.

-Give one of your units a magic banner, it's the only benefit of a general of the Empire when compared to the other lord choices. You might as well use it :) A war banner is always a sound choice, the immune to panic banner is good as well.

-Overall, I feel like you need another infantry block, 2 units of swordsmen can be easily outmanoeuvered. Even a small flagellant unit might help, although I was thinking more of another state troops unit.

08-06-2009, 19:56
Thanks, I ordered the army book and im soon able to post a real list.

Some things im considering:
-dropping wpriest and maybe bsb, taking captain on pegasus instead.
-making other helblaster volley to helblaster rocket
-I am taking EC and give his swordsmen regiment magic banner
-adding a small huntsmen unit

Basically I want this as a defensive shooty army, I like having the strong backbone regiments of 25 swordmen, but if I went with 3 I would loose some of my shooting power.

09-06-2009, 01:36
If your going defensive then don't drop the BSB or the Warrior Priest, you'll need the re-rolls and the dispel dice

I would add a pistolier, 6 always works well for me

combat detachments don't need to be bigger than 9 (3x3)



10-06-2009, 16:35
Thanks papa smurf for tips, but why 9 for detatchments? If I want minimal base contact wouldnt 6 be sufficient? Or whats the trick?

I was thinking 12-8 free comp and 5 handgunners for oth units.

15-06-2009, 23:25
Ok made some changes heres the new list:


Arch Lector / war altar,VHS,AoMI,SoM(altar counts as mounted right) =295p

BSB / barded steed,fpa,Griffon banner =152p

Mage /lvl2,ring of volans,rod of power =150p

Mage /lvl2, steed,orb of thunder,power stone =155p


25 Swordsmen /Mus,stand, 5xHG det & 9x FC det. =250p

25 Swordsmen /Mus,stand, 5xHG det & 9x FC det. =250p

10 Crossbowmen /w =80p

5 Knightly orders /w mus =121p

5 Knightly orders /w mus =121p

Great Cannon =100p
Great Cannon =100p

5 Pistoliers /champ+repeater hg,mus =114p.

Helblaster =110p.

=1998p total. 6pd 6dd 3+1 bound spells and rod.

Alternatively the Arch lector can go on foot with GW giving me 100 extra points to spend.

I think I would put the bsb in the bigger SM unit and mages go in different units depending on opposing army. Maybe sm unit maybe warmachine unit.

If AL is on foot he can go with bsb unit making it extra hard. Not a good idea if the enemy has Infernal gateway tho :eek:

Whats the common opinion on outriders vs pistoliers?

C&C welcome!