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roflcopter 9000
06-06-2009, 19:21
I am making a DE army and i am wondering if it would be that bad to get rid of the warriors completely and only have corsairs as core. I dont like how the warriors look and i am trying to make an army with a sea raider theme.

06-06-2009, 19:44
I felt the same way. But what I did was just to model 20 corsairs with the Warrior's spear and shield. They look great and fit the raiders theme, but with spear and shield no one has complained that they look too much like corsairs. Most people understand the conversion well enough. I did the same thing with my RxBs. So I basically have 40 corsairs on the table, but it is clearly 2 x 10 RxBs with shields and 20 Warriors with shields. This might get complicated if you do, in fact, include real corsairs in your list. For this conversion to work it should really be all or nothing.

That being said, 12 - 18 corsairs, 2 or 3 x 6, w/ the Frenzy banner and a Cauldron of Blood and/or Assassin can be brutal on the charge. And with Frenzy you can screen them with the more resilient RxBs with shields and flee won't be a liability since you're ItP. Harpies units are too small and vulnerable to be good screeners. And their roles as march-blockers and war machine/mage hunters are too important. But DE units are usually too vulnerable to snow ball panicking to risk screening with Crossbows. So Frenzied Corsairs give you the best of both worlds.

And for what it's worth, 10 man units of RhBs make excellent screeners as well, since you won't be shooting the first turn anyway you can march at full speed to gain an advantage. They can also hold the flank against most light cav and fliers that normally threaten a refused flank. 2 x 10 w/ handbows can really be solid core choices in combination with RxBs and Harpies.

06-06-2009, 22:38
The big problem with corsairs is they are just as fragile as warriors if charged, but cost quite a bit more points.

If you are familiar with MSU tactics, they work fine in that capacity as the front rankers, baiting and sacrificing themselves, or fleeing. And they are useful as flank chargers vs some opponents due to their special rules.

Unfortunately the low strength of their attacks means they are not really that useful on their own vs most opponents you are likely to face on a warhammer battlefield these days unless you add an assassin to the unit, but then you are looking in the high 300's - 400pts.

I say keep them cheap and sacrificial. 10's don't hurt too much if they get charged and run down.

06-06-2009, 22:49
I take them in a unit of 20 with the frenzy banner in almost every game I play. They've always served me well. If you can get them into combat with thier full ranks you could be surprised at what they're capable of breaking on a frontal charge. I don't think they're worth it without the frenzy banner though.

Gazak Blacktoof
06-06-2009, 23:18
That's good to know Scallat. I've been working on some corsairs this week and I'd been considering the frenzy banner for a ranked unit but I keep being told to run them MSU.