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The Mighty M
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Hey, I hope this is the right place for this thread. I recently aquired Volume 3 of the Forge Worlds Imperial Armour Books and i really loved the idea of a story based Campaign which, as progressed through, developed a story. This gave me the inspiration to start my own campaign, in which players actions develope the story so the conclusion is determined by the players.

In this Thread I will post the details on the campaign, the background behind the campaign and will post all the battles me and my friends. And being the sad-act that i am I will post about the games as though they are real skirmishes that happened. i.e. I wont be saying I was unlucky with my dice roles I will say the Faith in the emperor wasnt strong when 63rd platoon fired upon the approaching kroot hordes.

I will also have a map showing the current locations of each faction, Purple is Eldar, Black are the Imperials including the Space Marines, Imperial Guard and any other Imperial based faction. And the Red zones are Tau held Territories. Black Lines indicate access routes between each province, a black cross indicates that any provinces facilities have been sabotaged and cant be used. The 3 big grey circles are the major Hive cities on Typhos, the smaller dots are small industrial towns and cities. The Grey lines between cities are the oil supply route and the other rectangular grey places are imperial bastions, i:e forts, aribases, missile silo's etc.. and finally the 3 white icons are the eldar webway gates.

What arent on the map are the Tau held Moon circling the planet and two planetary defence stations also circling the Planet.


Without further adoo with my jabbering I will go into Story Mode :)

Typhos VI is a small mining planet on the edges of Imperial Space. Like Ancient Terra Typhos is over half made up of water, the mainland only covers a small fraction of the Planet, but on this small fraction of land is a wealth of resources. It was these resources that got its attention of the Imperuim who colonised the planet and have owned it for many Thousands of Years. When they colonised the Planet there was evidence of an Ancient Xeno Civilisation as the Luxious forests were full of exotic Ruins, the mysterious Civilisation that once dealt there has long since gone, and the forrests that covered the planet have been all but destroyed during Imperial Rule. What little Forests left are thick along the coasts. Recently there have been reports of strange murders and killings which have increased over time. Workers living in the small industrial settlements have reported strange people living in the forests who are faster than light. Such reports have been ignored by the planetry Govorner who is more concerned with the rugular shipment of supplies into the Imperium.

The rapidly expanding Tau Empire came Across Typhos VI and assessed its value. Although wealthy with resources the small expidition fleet lead by two distinguishable Etherals; the brothers Aun'O Sa'cea Shas Kais and Auno'O Sa'cea Shas Or'es, concluded that they didnt have the manpower nor resources to conquor the planet.

This changed when they Etherals were approached by a strange Xeno Race. They identified themselves as Eldar from the Craftworld Il-Kaithe, the offered their support in the Tau's invasion of the planet, although failing to tell the Tau on their exact strength, only saying they had a "worthy amount", the Tau accepted the Eldars aid and declared an Alliance for the Greater Good. The only condition the Eldar asked for was to locate and retrieve items of importance to them, and saying that they weren't interested in inhabiting the planet.

The Tau, suddenly confident that their forces combined with the Eldars would be enough to overcome the Planets defences, instantly engaged one of the defencive stations, although taking losses, the station was successfully boarded and taken over, from their new foothold they occupied Typhos' small moon and began construction of a base of Operations, and most notably a large weapon platform, with enough power to rain fire on the planet below.

The occupation of the Moon and Defence station lasted little more than two days. The Tau prepared themselves for Imperial retaliation. It never came. It was at this point the Eldar informed the Tau that they were interfering with the inter-planet communications and that the Imperial forces currently belived contact had been lost with the Defence station because of warp inteferance. When the Etherals question the Eldar on how they were doing this they were suprised to hear that the Eldar had already infiltrated the Planet's cities and had ground forces prepared in the planets forests.

The only thing stopping the Tau from launching their invasion onto the planets surface was the second remaining Defence station, but an attack on this one would not go unnoticed and the Imperials would become aware.

The stage is set, the pieces are moving, the Battle for Typhos VI is about to the begin...

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