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07-06-2009, 15:39
i have been itching to use alot of constructs for fun for a long long time!

im playing this list this afternoon, so i will post the results later! should be fun!

here it is:-

lich high priest
*cloak of the dunes
*neferra's plaques of mighty incantations
*dispell scrool

liche priest
*staff of ravening

liche priest
*staff of sorcery

tomb prince
great weapon
*golden ankahra

archers x10
archers x10

spearmen x20
shields + la
full command
*icon of rakaph

tomb scorpion
tomb scorpion
ushabti x5
ushabti x5

bone giant
bone giant

total 2495pts

this is nothing like i normally use! i normally use a tk not lhp!! i play 2000pt games normaly too! dont usually use ushabti or a bone giant at this low point game! i also go with at least three unitsof chariots!

so like i said this is nothing like i normaly field, but have wanted to use a construct theamed army for ages!!
i hae no idea what army my mate will be using against me, he wouldnt say! lol

this list might be utter crap! but i will post the results here later any way!

hopefully its fun to use! :)

07-06-2009, 22:22
well it sure will surprise your opponents :) not like any TK army I've ever seen (not that I've seen many come to think of it)
If nothing else, Ushtabi are some of the coolest minis.

Looking forward to the results, and best of luck

08-06-2009, 13:35
Unfortunatly, I believe basic squeletons can't buy a magical banner unless a Tomb King is the general. And that banner has to be 25 pts or less.

A vanilla Standard Bearer might help your constructs since they would take 2 less wounds if they lose combat instead of 1 for being contructs. ( And if he's within 12 ps they would also get the +1 to CR, so that's like 1 more wound not to lose )

As for the Ushabti, they do look really expensive. ( over 300 pts. ). Maybe you could trade a couple of those for swarms, since they are also constructs.

09-06-2009, 15:28
wouldnt 5 strong units of ushabti be very difficult to manoeuvre? or is it 5 strong to accomodate the fact that youre bound to lose some to shooting?

09-06-2009, 15:41
wouldnt 5 strong units of ushabti be very difficult to manoeuvre? or is it 5 strong to accomodate the fact that youre bound to lose some to shooting?

ye they would but if played properly then bone giants could be more of a threat to an enemy and then with the two tomb scorps if your lucky theyl enter the field right next to some artillary or a unit of gunners/archers etc

i can honestly say ive never seen a tomb king army list like that, the one that i breifly played with just concentrated heavily on infantry as the anvil and my chariots and heavy cavalry as the hammer with very few constructs (the occasional tomb scorp cropping up)

but ye that list looks fun to play and scary to play against hope you have fun with that

14-06-2009, 22:27
sorry about the late replay!
yes your right the banner was ilegal, it can only have a magic banner if the kings the general! there is an exception to that banner even tho its over 25pts! i phoned GWS HQ

i faced bloody woodelves! lol it had the lvl 4 wizard and 3 lvl 2 wizards! he had the extra dispell dice and reroll!! and the extra dice to dispell if you cast with 3 dice or more!! so as u can imagine, not alot of magic went through!! there was 10 x units of dryads with 8 models per unit!! treeman, couple of archer units, and a few other bits! lol

my giants failed! i got the charge with both of them, one in to a unit of dryaids, which failed to hit them!!! then died as he got a few wounds of me, then i crumbled, on the turn i charged!! :S the other giant did the same against the treeman, i failed to even hit it!! then the treeman wounded me too, and i died to crumbling!! again on the turn i charged! one scorpion failed to come up, the other scatterd off the table!! i was 9 inchs from the edge and i rolled a 10!! i thought i was far enough away from the edge! lol

every roll i made was to low! it was a nightmare! it didnt help that i was out manuvered by those dryads too!

so its safe to safe i lost!! :(

too answer the question above, the ushabti had one placed in the secound rank, so if i was flanked i would have more attacks, more manuverable and if there was a bit of shooting he would take the woulds and keep the front rank strong!

it was a fun list, but the wrong list for what i faced! i will use it again for fun! just so its different!!! some of you guys should try it!! but it is a fun list not a competitive list!!