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08-06-2009, 08:51
I see that many players prefer the magic above the awesome raw killing power a vampire can provide. And I know many won't like a flying Lord but I've tried it out and mannnnn... he's awesome.
Red Fury ,Infinite Hatred,Avatar of Death
Wristbands of blackgold and Balefire Spike ON AByssal Terror

Vampire 195
Dark Acolyte, AoD
Dispel Scroll and Powerstone

Vampire 195
Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death
Scroll and Powerstone


25 Zombies 100
25 Zombies 100

25 Skelletons FC, Warbanner, swords 245

5 Dire Wolves 40


20 Grave Guard, FC 270


5 Blood Knights, just a standard bearer, Flag of the Bloodkeep 370


The plan is really simple, Lord takes one flank, blood knights and dire wolves the other. My center forms some sort of funnel, meaning my zombies go forth a bit and my GG and Skelletons stay put so they can reinforce the zombies.
So the centre becomes a giant swamp while I have two vacuumcleaners on the flanks :D Last time I used it against Dwarves (though I changed the scrolls for some extra dire wolves) and boy o boy, there ain't much that stops those guys :D

It actually is quite balanced too. I have a healthy amount of PD and DD but eaven the points are nicely divided, 500 left, 500 right and a 1000 in the centre!

08-06-2009, 12:42
You might want to replace all of the abbreviations. Either people wont know what they are or, like me will spend far too long trying to work it out and get bored. You'l get more feedback if you do I would think.

One comment would be, why on earth only give your lord avatar of death? Give him the flayed hauberk and have 2+ save rather than a 4+ save for 5 points more.

08-06-2009, 13:01
my question is why is he steering away from the tried and tested lord

Red fury, infinite hatred, avatar of death, dread lance, crown of the damned abysmal terror

that's more expensive true BUT for the lowly cost of 530 pts

you get 4 auto hit S7 (mostly 2+ to wound) on average another three attacks.
flying terror causing lvl2 magic casting death machine, and remember before it comes up the infinte hatred is there for rounds 2+ of CC if need be with a 4+ ward save and yes he is (subject to being) stupid but LD 10 covers that.

the rest of the list looks okay but i've gotta say your sinking 1200pts into characters and knights alone, leaving a very small(ish) and weak core it could become an issue if the hard hitters get isolated or tarpitted

as for the abbreviations for those who don't want to work it out.

RF= redfury
IH= infinite hatred
AoD= avatar of death
DA= dark acolyte
DS= dispell scroll
FC = full command

08-06-2009, 20:34
The reason we steer away from the combat lord is, well essentially, if he DIES (Which is possible, very possible), Our armies crumble, and make it substantially harder to win. a 4+ will only save you 50% of the time from a cannon ball or bolt thrower. I've run the Zombie Dragon Lord before and watched him die in turn one to a lucky Doom Diver Scatter. 6 Hits, 5 on the lord, 1 on the dragon. , 4 wounds, 3 1's. Yes thats bad luck, but if he had been in a bunker, it wouldn't have happened,

Also, our magic is SO GOOD that to not overwhelm our enemies magic defenses puts us at a bit of a disadvantage, we won't get the crucial VanHels off when we need it.

I've run a combat heavy Vamp List.

Lord w/ Dreadlance, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Dread Knight
2x Blood Knights
3x 12 Ghouls
1x Hero Vamp
1x Necro on
3x Dogs
1x Black Knights.

It was very effective, but boring as sin, And fragile, if i wasn't perfectly careful with my unit, they died, simply.

08-06-2009, 20:37
yuor going to get owned by magic heavy lists, and Daemons.

08-06-2009, 22:09
yuor going to get owned by magic heavy lists, and Daemons.

Why exactly? I run 6 dispell dice at 2k points and i've never had a problem.

Vampires tend to be able to weather magic much more easily than other armies. 6 dispell dice combined with a flying lord that can go after any mage on the board with relative ease is more than enough magic defense.

I also play with no dispell scrolls, because i find them hard to fit into vamp army, he has 2. I fail to see how he could be in any trouble.

Penitent Engine
09-06-2009, 00:46
Also remember that however many troops your enemy kills with magic, you can always get them to stand back up :D
This list is OK magic wise, with a potential of 12 PD in one turn if he uses both stones.
@ slayerofmen:

09-06-2009, 10:04
I'll definitely vouch for Flayed Hauberk instead of Avatar of Death on the lord as well. Maybe dump a few Zombies/Skeletons/Grave Guard in order to also give him Beguile and Cursed Book, which would allow him to take on a relatively tough target if need be.

Oh, and this is the 5th VC list I'm commenting on this morning:D

09-06-2009, 10:30
2000 point vampire list are awesome, you can do so much with them

I personally pay with 7 to 8 dispel dice, depending on if i take ghouls over skeletons

One day ill have to post my balance list.......

I think combat lords are the way to go, but i play mine in a unit of 20 grave guard

10-06-2009, 09:36
I have to agree on the flayed hauberk :) how silly of me not to take it :)
I took the avatar of death as you can't swap your mount when you take dread knight.
I could take beguile but as so often I would then take "too much" points on my lord. He is already expensive as hell and I learnt to take only that what he REALLY needs.
And he's on an Abyssal because I really like my Louis Lion Heart conversion ;)

Riotknight, the list you you use looks awesome! :D I will definetly try it out :D
As for the magic, I have plenty of it. I have three lvl 2 wizards, 2 powerstones en 2 dispelscrolls. Against a balanced army I could get enough stuff through :)