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08-06-2009, 13:11
Didn't find a thread discussing this, but I guess it's been discussed at some point. Ever since I bought the Daemon book (when it came out), I've wanted to make a Slaanesh army led by a daemon prince. This opens up a lot more fluff possibilities as I could make a mortal Chaos army with the same character (before he became a daemon prince) and stuff like that.

As you all know Daemon Prince suck, but I guess the power level of the rest of the book makes up for it. I'm probably going to use a lvl2 Prince with Torment blade, wings and ether blade (anyone got a better bould). This should give me some much needed anti armour in a mono slaanesh list.

So now to the tactical side of this (sorry it took so long to get here), how usable is it to surround the prince with furies. They should block sight to him, and they should be hard to take out with missile weapons. So can a character be inside a unit without being a part of it (I tried to find it in the brb, but I ran out of time and left it at home)? And could I make a circle of the furies and have the prince in the middle and just make an opening for him to charge out of?

(about modeling if anyone is interested)
Apart from maybe being a workable tactic, I think it would look great as I'm going to use the deciever as the prince (any ideas for a better head, how about Orion?), and with the girls surrounding him it should look pretty Slaanesh-ish.

When I heard that the Daemonettes are going away (loved the models) I bought as many as I could at the moment. So now I have 13 nettes and one or two mounted. First I thought of using them as a small 12-(wo)man unit, but now I though of making furies of them insted. What wings should I use? A guy at GW told me to use Harpy wings, but can anyone think of anything better?

08-06-2009, 13:49
As the daemon prince isn't a large target, then yes the furies will block LoS to him. And vice versa - he won't be able to charge out. So basically, they provide a nice shield for the 1st turn or 2, then he will be hitting their lines so won't need them. If they're still alive (skirmish, 5+ward save and T3 isn't gonna protect them for that long).
Be aware too that cannons will basically just ignore them - shoot normally for the DP, declaring to shoot against the furies but 'happens' to bounce into him. Same for catapults really. And anything on a hill will see over them.

If people are being awkward, leave a tiny gap at the back, then say the furies are in an extended semi circle around him, which they can most definitely do.

08-06-2009, 15:06
For the build, I am partial to wings and extra arms, especially since that's what I have for a model. But 7 S5 attacks is nothing to sneeze at. I also use Lvl 2 Slaanesh. As for the wings, well, the current hrpy wings aren't very good, and neither are the current Fury wings. I managed to get some of the old Harpy wings, which come as a single piece, and they are fairly easy to attach with only a little conversion, but mine went on the old (read really old) Daemonettes.

By the way, furies should only be used in small, cheap units. 6-8 max, as they really aren't going to do very much in large units.

If you really want Slaaneshi looking Furies, the current harpies are a lot easier to do, and they look really good in the army.