View Full Version : Chariot charge, woods, maximising charge and damage?

29-12-2005, 14:41
ok complicated title ... please see attached diagram.

Chariot (A) charges glade riders (B). Note the glade riders being partially in a wood.

BRB states a charge must try and maximise the frontage. To do this the chariot would have to charge through the wood.
even lining up the chariot model to maximse troops would position it into the wood.
The only way to avoid the damage is if the chariot is allowed to clip and only position to the outside most glade rider.

Question is; does the chariot have to take damage to move or position into the wood, or is the chariot allowed to miss the wood and "clip"?


29-12-2005, 14:45
ok diagram attached this time.

29-12-2005, 15:13
BRB states a charge must try and maximise the frontage.

The premise of your question is flawed. The BRB places no demand on the chargers to maximise the number of the charged unit's models that reach combat, only the charging unit.

As the chariot is a single model, as long as it makes contact with at least one model it has performed a legal charge.

29-12-2005, 15:13
I chariot cannot voluntarily charge into the difficult terrain. A chariot MODEL is maximized if but a corner hits the unit. So legally the chariot can make the charge and avoid damage.

I wish the rule was maximize FRONTAGE, but it is not. If it were, the chariot could not declare the charge, since it would be illegal. This is not the case per the general rules.

Beware of fleeing glade riders, then the chariot may end up in the woods.

Mage Ith