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08-06-2009, 18:28
After reading a few threads about the Slicing Orbs of Zandros I got my copy of Codex Imperials and read the page referring to them and Aspect Warriors in general (page 65).

Now it says that 'it is impossible to say how many individual Aspects there are...' then it goes on to name the Slicing Orbs of Zandros as an example of a smaller aspect. So this would suggest that there are many smaller Aspects out there that utilise different ways of killing the enemy and the bigger more popular aspects are the ones mentioned in the later codex's. After some extensive reading I cant find any more examples of 'small' Aspects but please enlighten me however if you know different.

So my question would be what would your Aspect be called and what aspect of war would they up hold?

I guess personally I would like to see an Aspect that had use of Warwalkers and used them in a supportive roll, rather than a scouting roll. Akin to Dark Reapers I guess but more of a tank hunter, stalking tanks by utilising the Warwalker's long legs to traverse difficult terrain in an attempt to out flank their pray. I would see this unit as being akin to the Revenant Scout Titan in the old Epic game, and follow loosely their role in battles.

I guess the best way to represent them in game would to mount a single D-Cannon on them and increase their BS up to 4, plus giving them spirit stones. I admit this could be quite over powered on first glance but the weak Armour and the rules on vehicle squadrons would temper their power some what along with the relatively shot range of the D-Cannon may make up for this.:eyebrows:

I would call these guys something like The Realm Stalkers of Dorhai.

over to you :D

08-06-2009, 18:44
I'd go for the eldar answer to TEQ, they'd have a single Lightning claw and plasma pistol, 4+ save. Fast, aggresive and with only 2 attacks on the charge so rubbish against bigger squads/hoards.

But as for a name, as they'd do a reasonable job against anything with FNP as well, I'd Isha's hunters, to return the goddess from papa nurgles clutches.

08-06-2009, 18:48
I think most elder players would kill for a “pilot” aspect. I don’t know a single Eldar player who isn’t a tad perturbed that their Craftworld’s elite warriors with hundreds, perhaps thousands of years experience are taxied into combat by the Craftworld Bridge Club.

08-06-2009, 19:03
I think most elder players would kill for a “pilot” aspect. I don’t know a single Eldar player who isn’t a tad perturbed that their Craftworld’s elite warriors with hundreds, perhaps thousands of years experience are taxied into combat by the Craftworld Bridge Club.

Autarch; So Elmfren, what do you do for a living?
Elmfren; I'm a poet, and I like to write the odd sonnet about the wind gusting through the aged woods in the valleys of the lost maiden worlds.
Autarch; Great! that's perfect, see them Fire Dragons and Wave Serpent over there?
Elmfren; errr...

08-06-2009, 19:11
I would call these guys something like The Realm Stalkers of Dorhai.

over to you :D

I actually found a codex imperialis just yesterday, much to my surprise and excitement. The Dorhai one-liner about eldar suspecting chaos on all the craftworlds strikes me more as a place to have an inquisition/assassins aspect, who infiltrate other craftworlds to kill seers and prevent avatar summonings.

08-06-2009, 19:16
I think it would be cool to have a relatively noncombative aspect that has abilities that indirectly affect the battle.
For example, a psychic aspect that have effects similer to the astropath and master of the fleet or more. Actual combat abilities would be that of a normal warlock without psychics (thier abilities are already being used in other ways.

08-06-2009, 20:39
i dread to think what kind of orbs they'd be slicing :)

08-06-2009, 22:53
Oh my. Well, I've been working on numerous Aspects and other Eldar units (Everguard, Corsairs) and various bits of Wargear for a few months now and I've managed to build a rather formidable collection. The two Aspects I'm the most proud of are as follows:

Mourning Phoenixes (Asur-alael)
The Mourning Phoenixes are a relatively recent Aspect in service of the Craftworlds. They are composed entirely of Eldar formerly of the Path of the Seer, but with no previous military experience. Strangely, they were without exception peaceful artisans and craftsmen. They utilize a device developed by Ulthwe seers, the Ghostfield. Built on the psychoshading technology of the Ghosthelms, Ghostfields protect them from daemons and allow them to utilize the raw power of the Eldar mind without fear of possession or worse. It does not give them the same control or power that comes with the practice of the Farseers or even the Warlocks, and they lack the subtle power of Seers trained for battle, but in raw power, even Astartes Librarians and Chaos Sorcerers cannot hope to match them. They represent the Judgement passed by Asuryan against Khaine for murdering Eldanesh and the sorrow felt by Isha at the loss of her children. The Aspect of Khaine they embody is Khaine as the warrior-mystic and the Unforseen Strike. Other Eldar view them with a mix of fear, awe and sorrow. They have turned the art of psychocrafting to a way of unmaking wholly unnatural to the Eldar psyche.

Graceful Serpents (Sheilhann)
This Aspect is rumoured to be an offshoot of the Striking Scorpions, and it is whispered in dark corridors that it was Arhra who founded them, after his fall to Chaos and the destruction of the Shrine of Asur. Their wargear and appearance, as well as their manner and style of fighting is similar to the dreaded Incubi of the twisted Dark Eldar. They are said to originate in the Altansar craftworld and have spread to new shrines in Lugganath as well. They are unique in their doctrine of total defense. A squad of Graceful Serpents can stand in a single place for weeks at a time, kill a thousand enemies and never move more than a meter from where they originally took up position. They dress in robes of tiny, flexible and adaptive scales that is more meant to hide them then protect them from attack. They fight by blending into the background and becoming one with the terrain they defend. Waiting, perfectly still for their enemies to pass by them and then, springing up and striking like a viper, delivering a lethal blow to the heart of each foe whilst evading the clumsy attacks of their enemies with preternatural grace. Once the last of their foes gasps out a final breath, the Graceful Serpents melt back into the terrain and wait for their next victims, leaving the bodies as a warning to those who would tread this ground carelessly. The Graceful Serpents represent Khaine as a defender and ambusher, recognizing that deception and guile is required in war as well as valour and strength of arms. They are stalwart defenders of their Craftworld, and even step from the Webway to assist other Craftworlders and Exodites in times of need. Rumours even say that the Serpents have been sighted fighting alongside Dark Eldar at times, though such accusations must be unfounded for the implications of what it could mean if they were true is all too horrible to contemplate.

I have both these aspects fully statted up as well as The Everguard. (Sans, points, I'm still not sure how much these guys should be worth) If anyone is interested I'll start a thread in Rules Dev about them.

Let me know what you all think.

08-06-2009, 23:59
@Grimbad, that is a far better idea than mine and realy goes well with the history of the Dorhai craftworld.

@Arakanis that is fantastic, i love the fluff you have come up with, plausible and very well thought out. I was also thinking about non battle baptised Eldar using their physic abilities to help their brothers and sisters in some way. That's about as far as I got however so qu dos to you and EVIL INK :)

09-06-2009, 00:53

Glad to hear it! Thank you! I'm currently working on a Grav-tank based Aspect type as well as exploring the concept of an Outcast-Path based army, Corsairs and possibly another Jetbike focused Aspect.

There's a lot more to the fluff than what I put up there, actually. A lot of it appears in the various army/wargear entries.

09-06-2009, 01:47
i quite like the idea of a harsh environment based sabatage aspect...don't know what it would be called though