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09-06-2009, 05:39
Hey there, I don't play as much fantasy as I used to, but I really like some of the new lists that have come out. I bought and assembled a nice daemon list but I don't really like being the OP force in the mix so I am switching them to 40k (they will match up nicely against my DH force I play). I also have grown tired of my wood elves, brets, and lizardmen. So I put together a fun little (can't stress that word enough) WoC list that I tested out tonight and had a blast with. It is as follows:


Kholek Suneater 605pts


The Troll King Throgg 175pts


Dragon Ogre Shaggoth w/ great weapon 285pts

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth w/ great weapon 285pts


Chaos Trolls x5 225pts

Chaos Trolls x5 225pts

Chaos Trolls x5 225pts

Chaos Trolls x5 225pts

Total: 2250pts

So for 24 models I hit 2250 right on the nose. Obviously its something of a one-trick pony, but boy is it fun to play with! The biggest downfall will 1) lack of magic, 2) minimal shooting, and 3) flame attacks. I learned the hard way that 4 units of Bret archers with their flaming arrows will cut my trolls down quickly. On the other hand, those shaggoths will tear peoples faces off without much effort. I think the key will be to keep the army close together and get into combat as quickly as possible

The real downside to this force, however, is its price. With every single model clocking in at $22 or higher its not cheap at all to field as is. So I will be doing some heavy conversion work to make this a reality. I just used the bases tonight as a proxy to see if I liked the force (gone are the days of my buying a force just because it looks cool on paper) and now that I have seen it in action I am going to test it some more.

Anyways would love to hear some comments on anyone who has fielded or faced a force similer to this. Three shaggoths are nothing to sneeze at so I am guessing someone has done this before. I am noot looking to take first in a GT or something, but I do want to have fun with it while still looking scarey on the battlefield. If anyone has any suggestions for tweaks let me know. Thanks!

09-06-2009, 06:00
I love Chaos trolls! So, I love this list. My only real comments are that, obviously, stupidity is going to be a huge factor. A couple bad rolls could see half your army wondering around dumbfounded. Other than that I would take one troll from every unit to make a fifth unit of four.

09-06-2009, 06:05
A local GW staffer has been playing a list which subs a few Trolls for Dragon Ogres. He loves it, it's very different from the typical armies out there, and lots of people with all-comers lists have no clue where to start fighting back.

Have fun :evilgrin:

09-06-2009, 19:29
Thats not a bad suggestion, I hadn't really thought of doing 5 groups of 4. My question would be is that going to make them vunerable in shooting? If you only need to lose one model per group to force a test, is that a good tradeoff for having a 5th unit of trolls? I don't play a lot of fantasy, so not really up on all the metagaming, so happy to hear everyone's thoughts on that.

Thanks for the replies by the way!

09-06-2009, 20:23
they are stupid therefore they don't care about panic right?

Allso i would hate to play this army its not only tough but hits back too! I mean yes magic is a problem but run some trolls and vomit on that mage and problem solved. as for shooting not many armys have flaming shots so u should be fine and **** off every gun line by passing regen for that 5th cannon ball in a row, if only the dice rolled that way lol

and it will be priceless to see the oppents face whrn u put down this army

10-06-2009, 00:33
Drop the shaggoths for a pair of warshrines, and cut a couple trolls to suqeeze in a unit of dragon ogres with great weapons. A second unit with high S wouldn't hurt, and the shrines will help your trolls stack EoTG buffs. They don't care about snake eyes anyway, and will get a lot of rolls fro mutant regeneration, so more rolls makes the odds of getting boxcars all the better.

And some hounds would be nice, if you can find the room.