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09-06-2009, 20:47
Right Here is my go at a DOC army now before u read this is demons and yes its not so original but bare with it and i would like to know what can be done to improve it.

KOS-siren song,the torment blade, allure of slaanesh, lvl 4 =645

The masque=90 (so worth it)

Herald of slaanesh with BSB, icon of despair,lvl1 =240 ( need any gear? or should i drop the lvl 1 magic?)

15 demmonetts=180
15 bloodletters=180 ( any of them u think needFC?)
15 bloodletters=180

5 seekers with standerd and siren standerd =154

3 fiends=165
3 fiends=165

Yes it is based on the old slaanesh LD bomb but does the lack of FC work? is one unit of seekers going to work? will gunlines laugh at me and blow my KOS first turn then destroy the rest?

plz add what ever u want positive or negative feedback just don't go on and on about this is full of :cheese: I do know this i would like hlp to make the army list better not listen to ppl complain about other ppls army lists

09-06-2009, 21:47
Gunlines could be trouble but you have enough fast units that you should be ok.

In general all I can say is "Boo! Hiss! Another Ld bomb with a special character..."

09-06-2009, 22:40
The main LD bomb idea is based around the Masque anyway i wrote this for some possative and negative feedbackand hlp improveing the current army list not just to get told its a beardy LD bomb army, that i do know.