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10-06-2009, 04:09
HQ: 845 points
505 Thorek Iron Brow
145 BSB Thane, Strollaz's Rune
145 Rune Smith, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking
50 Dragon Slayer

Core: 695 points
150 10X Thunderers, Shields
150 10X Thunderers, Shields
150 10X Thunderers, Shields
245 20X Warriors, Shields, Great Weapons F/C

Special: 340 points
120 Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Reloading, Rune of Burning
115 Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Reloading
105 Cannon, Engineer

Rare: 120 points
120 Organ Gun

Total Points: 2000
Total DP: 5 + 1

Playing my first game using some Dwarf models I bought two weeks ago at GW Bizarre Bazaar. A Dwarf Veteran gave me pointers about the "Castle" stratagem. I tried this army out against a Chaos Marauder army and pretty much wiped out my opponent's army by the end of turn two. Though part of my victory is due to "newb luck" and good deployment (rolled a 10 for organ gun :rolleyes:).

10-06-2009, 04:54
Hi there. Here is several things you might want to think about.

Just so you know you should have 8 dispel dice +1.
2 base + 2 for being dwarfs + 1 for runesmith + 3 for thorek + 1 for Master of balance.

You are currently one hero over the limit for 2000 points. Thorek counts as both a lord and a hero because he has an anvil of doom. So you have five characters right now.

Also I think that you might want to rethink the Strollaz's rune on the BSB. Since your using a gun line any of your thunderer's that move won't be able to fire on the first turn. So only your warriors can really want to use it, and they are gonna take up some of your line of fire and once in combat you won't be able to shoot at whoever their fighting.

I would consider changing some of your thunderers to quarrellers too. Right now you have a 24in range for most of your weapons. a unit of quarrellers would give you some 30 in fire power in case someone tries to sit just outside of your range and fire at you.

I would try to rearrange points so that you can have a rune of forging on all of your cannons. These things can make your cannons a lot more reliable when shooting. You might want to look at trading in one cannon for two bolt throwers also. This will further increase the amount of shooting you can do and give you some variety.

Lastly you might want to think about getting a master engineer. He can entrench one war machine, even the anvil of doom, so that there is a -2 to shooting at it. And if you put him with the cannon one of them will be causing d6 wounds instead of d3, so you can use this one for killing heroes and monsters.

well that is all of my advice. Glad to see another Dwarf player join the throng. Have a beer on me :)

10-06-2009, 05:59
Thx for the comments. As for Heros, I'll simply Drop the Dragon Slayer for perhaps more Dakka.

I wasn't aware I had 8 Dispell Dice! :eek:

I'll definitely consider dropping Strollaz's rune. I'm even thinking of replacing my BSB Thane with a Master Engineer. There aren't many other useful Rune Standards since I already have one Master Rune.

I prefer Thunderers mostly because they can actually kill stuff more effectively and because they hit on 4's at long range.

Eventually I'll get 2 Bolt Throwers, but I don't have the $ to afford them ($60 for two :wtf:).

10-06-2009, 08:06

Just so you know you are allowed more then one master rune in an army. You just can't have the same master rune more then once, or have more then one master rune on a single item. So you could have a character with a master weapon rune, a master armor rune, and so forth. Just no character can have two or more master weapon runes, master armor runes, etc..

Gah, I didn't realize that the bolt throwers had also gone up in price :cries:.

10-06-2009, 17:54
I can have more then one Master Rune? :eek:

I don't know about that... the rules seems pretty clear that, "No master rune may be used more then once per army...". Perhaps I'm misinterpreting something :confused:

Despite having an entire page in the Dwarf Codex dedicated to how runes work, I'm still baffled.

10-06-2009, 18:45
Yeah it is easy to misinterpret that line. If it were to not allow you to have over 1 master rune in the whole army it would be written like "No more then one master rune may be used per army..." the way it is written right now would be like telling someone to go paint a model with multiple colors but no color may be used more then once per model

here are some other army lists on this site so you can see this isn't just a lone nut thing :chrome:


11-06-2009, 04:42
I'm guessing Master Runes work like this:

- You can't use more then one of the same individual Master Rune (example: can't have two Master Rune of Balance on two separate Runesmiths even if it's a different combo).
- You can't have two different Master Runes on the same item (example: can't have an ax with Master Rune of Swiftness and Master Rune of Kragg the Grim).
- You can't have multiple of the same Master Rune (example: can't have three Master Rune of Adamant on the same armour).

Wish GW did an FAQ... would make explaining it to another player some what challenging :p

11-06-2009, 05:23
Yeah thats exactly right for how master runes work.

there actually is an old faq on gw's site but it doesn't talk about master runes.

11-06-2009, 05:47
why are you taking thorek over a normal anvil? just for the combat ability on a model which should be behind the biggest impassable piece of terrain on the board (his powers require no LoS or range remember), and the (often considered cheesy) wrath and ruin ancient power going off 8/9 times? i would swap him for a normal anvil, so you can drop your runesmith (and make your hero and lord choices legal), while not losing any magic defense (taking MR balance and 2x spelleaters on the anvil is a good idea). also, no special characters makes a list tournament friendly. all up this saves you about 180 pts.

i second switching atleast 1 cannon for 2 bolt throwers, and also id try and find the points for a 2nd organ gun. i like to think of them as more efficient (kills per points wise) thunderers. since youve already got more than enough core, maybe dropping a thunderer unit could fund this.

what vega means is you have 8+1 dispel dice, not 8, just incase you didnt understand that the MR balance is stacked onto the 8 already there (although if you drop the runesmith like i advised it will be 7+1).

rune of forging is priceless on cannons; it is the best rune available for them by far, and a necessity to all cannons. dropping the misfire chance from 1/6 to 1/36 is well worth the points. however if you take rune of forging, personally i think engineers are superfluous. i would never have more than 2 cannons, and always have both with forging runes, and probably 1 with rune of burning as well to legalise them.

im more of a fan of 25 strong (24 + character) combat units than 21 (20 + character), because A: it looks neater, and B: think of the last rank as a 4th rank bonus, because it is almost guaranteeing outnumber combat res (also good against fear causers, etc.). im sure youll have no trouble finding room for 32 points to get 4 more warriors in that unit.

11-06-2009, 06:42
Hmm I kinda like Thorek because I can get ancient powers off on a +3 and reroll failed attempts to strike thanks to Kraggi. Ancient Power helps a lot (especially against undead) and it's probably one of the reason why I switched from High Elves to Dwarfs (haha can't dispell it if it occurs in the shooting phase :rolleyes:).

I agree that this list could be extremely nasty if I ran two Organ Guns, but that would be extremely cheesy.

Eventually I would like to run a more balanced army with a lot of dakka but two hitty units with some characters. I'd imagine I'll have a unit of Warriors, unit of Hammerers, two units of Thunderers, 2 Cannons, 2 RPBT, Thorek, Organ Gun, and a Gyrocopter once I can scrounge more money.

11-06-2009, 07:37
Not to sound like a big ****, but if you're running a Thorek gun line it doesn't really seem like you're all that worried about being considered beardy/cheesie to me. So, with that I agree that a second organ gun is the way to go, as well as two bolt throwers. Also, I like the idea of trying to fit a gyrocopter into the list if for no other reason than the fact that I find them quite amusing. Nothing quite as funny as giving a brettonian peasant a steam bath so powerful that the shock of actually being clean kills them.

11-06-2009, 16:20
I agree that this list could be extremely nasty if I ran two Organ Guns, but that would be extremely cheesy.

Not to sound like a big ****, but if you're running a Thorek gun line it doesn't really seem like you're all that worried about being considered beardy/cheesie to me.

Exactly. Thorek is the definition of cheese and it doesn't matter what else is in the army.

If you're going Thorek gunline you might as well go all the way as it's not like you are going to make any friends anyway. (Unless they have Shadowblade...)

11-06-2009, 19:35
Shadowblade is hilarious against gunline armies. Right up to the moment you realize that if he gets unlucky and stands out in the middle of nowhere, he gets instagibbed.

I'd agree, just go all out gunline. Personally i'd consider even dropping the warriors, to get more dakka dakka (gyrocopter, another organ gun, etc)