View Full Version : 2 2250pts List Need help deciding which 2 take.

Melikai IronFrost
10-06-2009, 08:08
SO I have this tourney next month and I wanted your help decieding which list I should take? So withour further adu here there R:

Dreadlord-Executioner Axe, Blood Armor
Soreress-Lv2, DSC, Scroll. DS
BSB-BON + Full kit, DS

23x Spears-FC, SH, WAR BAN
5x DR- X-bows, Muso
5x DR- X-bows, Muso
5x Harpies
5X Harpies
5x Harpies

17x BG- FC, BOM, SR
2x COCs


So the first is the Banner of Nagarythe theme list. Having a big block of unbreakable spears pumping out 8+ SCR supported by 2 COCs. While at the same time you got a big block of BGs w/ my executioner lord supported but a hydra.

Supreme Sorceress-lv.4, DSC, SOG, Scroll, Dark Steed
Sorceress-lv.2, Dagger, Scroll
BSB-Hydra Banner, ROK
Death Hag- COB

2x5 DR- x-bows, muso
2x5 Harpies
14x Spears- Shields

13x Blackguards- FC, ASF BAN, CD
5x COK- FC, WAR Ban


This list is the Death Hag BSB w/ Hydra banner theme. SO we have this hag in a unit of BGs (I felt that ASF BGs while strong need some charater support) now each BG will be pumping out 3 s4 Attacks w/ the COB giving them KB this is a scarey unit. To help relieve some of the pressure the BGs will be facing I employed 2 units of COKs to start putting pressure early hopefully taking some of the pressure off the BGs. This list also has 2 sorceress. Both pumping out more PD then thier lvl.

SO tell me what you guys think is the better list to take?? Any comments on the lists are welcome, thanks in advance.

10-06-2009, 17:26
I'd go with the second one. Seems to have more to it.