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10-06-2009, 16:48
Pardon the long BatRep, but I learn so much from reading others, that I like to include as much detail as possible. I always welcome comments and criticism! My illustrations are obviously not to scale so matters of LOS and such may not entirely be accurate in them.

This was a quick battle, the first battle I can think of that I had pretty much everything go according to plan. The dice were really, really with me this night.

I expected my DE opponent to bring a very different list than he did, and it turned into a battle that was largely won on deployment and the first turn.

My list:

Star Dragon, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defense, Amulet of Light, Great Weapon, Longbow

BSB, Dragon Armour, Lance, Shield, Battle Banner

Level 2, Dispel Scroll x2, Silver Wand

Archers x 10 (Mage here)

Archers x 10

Dragon Princes x 5
Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Skeinsliver (BSB here)

White Lion Chariot




His list (roughly):

Malkieth on Cold One

Malus Darkblade on Cold One

Corsairs x 20
Full Command, War Banner

Repeater XBow x 10

Repearer XBow x 10

Cold One Knights x 5
Full Command, Banner of Murder (Malkieth and Malus here)





I wasn't expecting the deathstar unit of COKs and neither of us expected so many RBTs since we normally field two or less. Seeing Malkieth on the table made me *so happy* I kept the Amulet of Light on my Prince.

The table had hills in opposing corners, but neither of us wanted to give up a hill to the opponent, so both had just a small section of hill within 12" of the table edge. Two forests were placed as well, a larger one on my right flank towards the table centre, and the other close to the hill on my left flank. We decided that the forests block all line of sight, including hills and large targets, etc...

Deployment went slow and steady this time. Lots of terrain considerations, and neither of us wanted to expose any prime units to possible RBT fire. First turn was going to be critical! I put one archer unit on the my hill, shielded from anything on the left of the table by the forest. The other unit went into the clearing in the center of my deployment zone in a ten wide formation. His Corsairs (in a 2x10 formation) went in across from my archer hill, and his Xbows also centrally, and by his hill. My Chariot turcked in behind the larger forest shielded from just about anything that I could imagine him putting on the table.

My DPs took up the left flank, his Cold Ones the right. The RBT deployment was upon us, neither wanting to tip their hand earlier. I had to deploy first. One RBT took the left flank. A tactical risk since it couldn't see past the hill and forest, but it had LOS to the Corsairs and I expected him to put an RBT there as well to deal with the Dragon Princes. My other too went centrally, far enough back to avoid LOS to his hill, and staggered to both see the edge of the right forest where I expected his Cold Ones to come around the flank.

He put one opposite my Dragon Princes, one on his hill, and the other two centrally. I had LOS from all my RBTs to all of his with the exception of the one on his hill. They had to be my first target for shooting.

I put my Dragon on the flank with my Dragon Princes to overload the left flank which brought a swear from my opponent, who assumed I would line him up with Malkieth. Of course, my goal was just to stall him as long as possible and keep him off my Dragon and DPs! My mage went into my archers on the hill. Malkieth and Malus both went into the unit of COKs as expected.

Deployment map:

I won first turn on a roll of 2, thanks to Skeinsliver and finishing my deployment first.

I rolled Shield of Saphery, Courage of Aenarion and Fury of Khaine for my mage, he got Black Horror, Soul Stealer, Word of Pain and Doombolt for Malkieth.

No charges of course. My Dragon moved up to the edge of the forest, and my Dragon Princes marched into the teeth of the Corsairs and RBT on my left flank. I was relying on my RBTs taking out his... The Lion Chariot moved up to the wood and pivoted to watch the right flank. I was prepared to lose it early if I could get a charge off and strip of a Knight or two so that the Bolt Throwers would have a shot at Malus and Malkieth.

Magic saw three dice from the Banner added to my pool. I managed to get Shield on the Dragon Princes with IR, and he dispelled Drain Magic easily.

I targeted each of his visible RBTs with my own, and his central unit of XBows with my Archers. Both archer groups were just out of range, but my RBTs killed one crew on each of his RBTs and put a wound on two of the machines. They would all fire next round, but then they were reduced to firing on alternate turns. Not as good as wiping them out, but I'll take it!


The Corsairs, central block of Xbows and Cold Ones all advance.

Malkieth has Dark Power dispelled, but casts Black Horror, but I suspect he is out of range of the chariot. I let it through and thankfully I'm right. He has no LOS for any other spells.

Now his shooting phase, which I've been dreading.

His central Xbows target my Archers and mage on the hill, as does the undamaged RBT on his hill. The RBT on the left flank targets the Dragon princes and his two central RBTs target my RBTs.

The Xbows and RBT on the hill are both out of range of my archers, and his RBTs do a grand total of zero wounds on my RBTs and Dragon Princes. Zip. Nada.

Playing a bit more defensively now that I am less concerned about his RBTs, I choose not to declare any charges. I move my Dragon to the flank of the RBT and the DPs move to charge the Corsairs next turn. I'm a little wary of their stand and shoot at this point and I want the Dragon to flank charge them first. The Chariot tucks up even closer to the forest.

Magic sees me get Shield off on the Mage's own unit and that is all.

My RBTs now switch targets. The left one fires on the Corsairs, and the middle two fire on his Xbows. Both Archer units also target the Xbows. The dragon breathes on the RBT and the tip of the template catches the Corsairs as I had hoped.

Luck is with me now. 6 Xbowmen die from RBT and longbow fire, but they pass their panic test. The Corsairs are not as lucky. Two die from the RBT fire, and although the Dragon fails to kill the last crewman on the RBT, he does put another wound on the machine, and he kills one Corsair. This forces a panic test and he rolls boxcars for the Corsairs! They flee!

The Corsairs fail to Rally on an 11 and flee off the table!

The Cold ones come around the corner of the forest looking for blood, and both units of Xbows advance to get range to something.

Magic goes poorly for the DEs. Malkieth casts Soul Stealer on the Chariot, but I dispell with a scroll, then he miscasts on Black Horror and takes a wound since the S4 hit he takes bypasses his ward save.

All the RBTs are reloading this turn except for the unit on the hill which still has no range to anything. His center Xbow block fires on the Archers on the hill, and in his best rolling of the day, my opponent kills four of the archers.


The Dragon charges into the remaining RBT crew. I retreat with the WLC and move my archers forward to give both RBTs in the center clear LOS to the Cold One Knights. The Dragon Princes sweep towards the central RBTs. The left flank RBT moves to clear the hill and draw a LOS to the COKs if the other units break.

The Mage manages to get Shield of Saphery off on his unit again, and Courage of Aenarion as well. Drain magic is dispelled.

The RBTs in the centre fire and kill three COKs. The archer units kill another two Xbowmen.

The Prince on Dragon easily destroys the RBT on the left flank and rolls 16" of overrun, bringing it near the center of the table.


The forest on the flank has proven to be a huge issue for the COKs and they spend another turn moving around it. The Xbows move forward again.

Malkieth manages another miscast on Black Horror, and this time takes a wound from a S2 hit. He's down to one wound!

The RBTs all fire on the dragon, doing one wound the Dragon and one on the Prince although out of 18 shots, I had to make something like 8 armour saves.


Looks like it's all but over at this point. My opponent is prepared to concede, but I remind him he still has an 900 point unit of Cavalry death to play with. So we continue for the moment.

I declare a charge on the two remaining Xbows in the middle with the Chariot.

I fly the Dragon into the midst of the RBT crews in an attempt to terror bomb them off the table, and line up for a breath attack on the full strength unit of Xbows. The Dragon Princes wheel around and head back towards my line where I expect trouble from the Cold Ones.

I reform my archers to block the charge of the Cold Ones.

The chariot charge is short by about an inch, leaving him in the open with his flank to the remaining fully functional RBT. Oops.

All my magic attempts are dispelled.

The Dragon breath kills six Xbows. I basically covered the entire unit and rolled all the 4+ I needed to hit everyting except one. They do make their panic check however.

The archers on the hill wipe out the remaining two Xbows from the centre of the table. Twelve more shots from the RBTs result in one more dead COK, and a wound on Malus. Boo. Malkieth's 2+ ward against non-magical attacks saved his butt in this turn.


The Cold One Knights charge the archer unit as expected. There is no other movement.

Malkieth finally lives up to his reputation and gets an IR Soul Stealer off on the Archer unit slaying eight, and regaining all of his lost wounds, plus an extra 3! The single best moment of the game for my DE opponent.

The remaining Xbows and RBT wipe out the Chariot in the shooting phase.

Malus destroys the remaning archers, and they pursue right past the RBTs as planned. I have a flank shot and a rear with them on the next turn now if I choose not to charge them.


I opt to charge with the Dragon, and lock up the COK unit in a challenge until the end of the game. I'm not confident that the Dragon Princes can do it, even with the Battle Banner.

My opponent concedes, but for laughs we play out the challenge to see what happens. Basically, in two rounds, the Dragon Prince will kill Malkieth even at 6 wounds, thanks to the Amulet of Light. Malkieth did not roll a success to destroy an item with his weapon, which certainly could have changed matters. Having said that, he also didn't get the combo charge from the DPs which likely would have broken his unit anyhow.

We didn't add up VPs, but I claimed two banners, the full unit of Corsairs, half the COK unit, the full unit of XBows, half the other XBow unit, and Malkieth. In exchange I lost 14 archers and the chariot. Likely a Massacre.

Ulthuan is safe once again!

10-06-2009, 17:42
Ouch, not a good day to be a Druchii player! Malekith and Malus? Nice and fluffly but neither of them are great characters to be honest and they eat into your points like theres no tomorrow. Mind you, it is nice to see something different being used every now and then!

Just a note, Reaper Bolt Throwers don't start firing once every two turns with a single crewman, they can always fire with just one crewman. It's in the BRB somewhere, but I can't give you a page reference at the moment.

10-06-2009, 17:56
Yeah I had that pointed out to me on another site. We are both new players, and we both somehow missed that rule.

10-06-2009, 21:28
Very nice, very concise report, and apart from the RBT crew mistake, I did not see any techincal mistakes.

Definately a very hard HE list you have there, I like it! Only thing I would consider is to somehow cram an eagle in there for march blokcing/redirecting (possibly at the cost of a RBT?).

Other than that, I have one question:

Star Dragon, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defense, Amulet of Light, Great Weapon, Longbow

Why do you buy him a Great Weapon instead of a Halberd? Halberd is cheaper, strikes on Initiative (in case you don't break on the charge) and since you're mounted, both give only +1S.

Nice report, and I hope you will do a few more!

10-06-2009, 21:32
I had a few points left over (thus also, the Longbow) and if the Dragon was slain, he gets the extra +1S on foot, and he's ASF so Initiative really doesn't matter. I know it's a hard list, probably too hard for a friendly game, but I was expecting a tougher DE list with Shadowblade and at least one Hydra. He surprised me with the list.

Also, regarding the Prince's equipment, I did forget about the Longbow early in the game. The Prince actually killed one of the Xbows on the round that the Dragon breathed on them :)

10-06-2009, 22:47
nice rep all in all, but deathstars (like the cok unit) has it's clear disadvantages at times (and malekith costs as much as a dreadlord on a dragon, I know wich I'd prefer)

11-06-2009, 00:07
I suppose it really wasn't a traditional 'deathstar' in the traditional sense, so perhaps I didn't really use the term properly, but as soon as I saw what was in it, staying away from it became priority number one. I do wish I had an eagle in the list and I could have baited it even further, and maybe off the board for a turn.

I do feel bad that I think my list was quite a bit stronger. I've never used the Prince on Star Dragon before, and I can now see why it's largely left out of friendly matches. Too bad that I like Dragons so much, and that the other Dragon option for HEs is so vulnerable to even basic bow and arrow troops.

Still, spending three rounds getting half your points into combat really cost my opponent in this match. We both learned a lot.