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10-06-2009, 21:59
This is a list that I am thinking of taking to a tourney this weekend. It definitely focuses on a magic heavy phase and depends on it quite a bit. Tell me if you see weaknesses or see things you would change. Thanks.

Focused Rumination
Focus of Mystery
Becalming Cognition
Bane Head
3 powerstones

Plague of Tepok


18 Saurus:
cmd and Spears

18 Saurus:
cmd and Spears

10 skink skirmishers

11 skink skirmishers

16 Temple Gaurd:

Like I said this focus mainly on the magic phase with most of the points going into characters to beef it up. If you have some suggestions let me know.

Necromancy Black
10-06-2009, 22:58
Anything that has a ton of shooting, like Empire and Skaven, are going to hurt you. Anything without shooting that you can get some charges against like Ogres, Undead are going to hate it.

In fact with 2 EotG and Becalming Cognition, VC are really going to hate you :p

10-06-2009, 23:23
you have to many anvils and no hammers and relying on the magic phase to win the game is usually not as reliable as relying on tactics.

the onyl thing you have that could flank is an EOTG but it really isnt a hammer cause combat is risky. if you get it in combat, the priest can be killed rather easily, making it a very expensive steg which sucks in combat.

youd do much better by dropping one EOTG and picking up a unit of terradons and a unit of cold one riders or something to flank.

im not saying it cant work, but a few miscasts can really mess up your day, or just simple bad dice rolling. by relying on magic your also relying on a bit of luck, and from what ive seen tactics will beat luck almost every time.

if your interested i posted my 2250 tourney list on here and had VERY good success with it a few weeks ago, taking first in the local RT tournament. the link is http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=200037 if you want some ideas.

11-06-2009, 00:05
I see what you mean about how I don't have many hammer units while having a lot of anvils. From what I have seen from a few games with this list is that most of the average troops out there my Saurus blocks can handle and sometimes they can do well against knights and other elites as well because of all the attacks from the spears and the slanns leadership nearby.

For those hard hitting units I find that a EOTG on the flank with impact hits and burning alignment does wonders and I would be usually only facing one maybe two at most of models that could attack back. This so far has left my priests in pretty good condition in close combat from what I've experience so far.

I definitely agree that anything with a lot of artillery is going to give my army a rough time, but hopefully with good armor and ward saves I should be able work through it. I'll just have to focus all my magic on those first. I definitly see your point of view and I realize it is kind of a one trick pony I just don't really like cold ones that much and my EOTG have always done well for the most part if I roll good spells for them.

11-06-2009, 01:03
well if you roll well for impacts youll probably be ok, but the time you roll a 1 or 2 for impacts and the steg wiffs big time on its attacks is when the issues occur. and alot of times having them that close to the front line will leave the EOTG vulnerable to being charged by heavy calv, which can make short work of it.

if you dropped a scroll, the champions in all three units, and one or two power stones you should be able to get a unit of terradons. 4 would be great, but even 3 can do wonders to hunt the warmachines youll be worried about.

plus champions rarely worth it. saurus spears pump out 24 str 4 attacks already if you run em 6x3 and i assume you are. that one extra attack is not worth the points.