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11-06-2009, 10:49
Hi all

I am attending a tournament at the end of this month and I am going to bring my DoC if I can get them painted in time

I am currently working on converting screamers and I really would like to use them. I have 12 on my work bench at the moment but can make 18 if I need more of them.

But my problem is that I cant seam to be able to build a effective army around them. I know most people say screamers are crap considering how many points they cost but I would really like to use the ones I am working on so I was hoping for some help as to what the rest of the army should consist of.

Model wise I have as good as everything in the deamonlist. So models shouldn’t be a problem, I am more looking for what kind of list screamers will fit in to, being shooty, closecombat or magic heavy list

Any help would be greatly appreciated

11-06-2009, 12:16
Screamers are best used as a points denial unit. Too many of them is counter productive, as they become hard to maneuver, and avoid conbat in larger numbers. two units of 4 seems to be the optimal build for screamers, as they can hit stuff by flying over and avoiding contact. More than that seems to border on excessive or easily hit.

11-06-2009, 12:31
thanks Briohmar, I am planning on testing the unit out to find out how big I want it to be, and since I have 12 and a spare special slot, I can go for 3 units of 4 if I want to.

But I am still not to shure what kind of list they will be most effective in. I am thinking of 2 lists, one magic heavy, and one where magic is almost none existing.

The magic heavy list consist of a KoS (to get siren song) 3 heralds of tzeentch, 12 screamers, 10*2 Horrors, 20 furies and 11 deamonets with command

The list with almost no magic has KoS, Herald of Khorne of jugger, herald of slanesh on stead with siren song (KoS also has song) 20 furies, 12 screamers, 10 horrors, 10 deamonets with command, 11 blood letters with command and 5 flesh hounds

Those are the lists i am working on , but I am very open to suggestions as to a list that might work and that get the most out of the screamers

11-06-2009, 22:17
You guys are crazy. They get better when there are more. Take a full 24. They will never see combat because anything near them will be absolutely eviscerated. Pick off stragglers with Flamers and magic.

12-06-2009, 04:43
at 30 point a model there not cheap, and the new rules or them take away from them slightly (The T4 and 2W), in my opinion(i used to have them charge in with another unit or to take down lone characters.

personally i believe they are a unique unit and best used for knocking a rank off the back of units and softening pre- combat, two units of 4 is plenty, any more is over kill you have to remember that they are mounted on large bases so positioning of them can get tricky, shooting is the main concern with the unit as they are easily taken down by even then most simplest of shooting.

2 units of 4 for 240 points in a 2000 tourny is fine

12-06-2009, 17:33
Screamers, Ah I take usually about 10 (two units of five). The best thing about screamers is that they can hit multiple units, and believe it or not, are GREAT and taking out knights.

5 screamers should ideally be zipping over 2+ units per turn remembering that you only have to pass over 1 model, and the way my gaming group plays it, 1 screamer has to pass over (this may vary from group to group and how they understand the rule). Generally, I fly the screamers on the first turn behind a forest of sorts and attempt to get as little to see them as possible, If they get shot at, they WILL die, so be very careful where about you land them.

Screamers will fit in a variety of lists, mine was usually as follows;

Thirster - normal gear
The masque
Herald of T - power vortex, fly
Herald of T - BSB - Icon of Despair - Power votex, fly

10 Horrors - standard - IoS
10 Horrors - standard - IoS
10 Horrors - standard - IoS

5 screamers
5 screamers

5 flamers.

Something along those lines, having the army based around flying. People would generally aim at everything else not thinking the screamers are as big a threat until they hit the enemy lines. So, I would say the best way screamers are used is with something more threatening. Make sure you have enough dispel dice as those magic missiles are a real pain for them.

I'm sure in that list I could also free up enough points to squeeze in a 3rd unit of 5, but as others have said, they may get in the way of each other. They are good in 2 units of 4/5, generally 5 is better as you will be able to cause more panic due to this (or more likely anyway).

I'll give some cliff notes for you to ponder over.

Screamers are best used in 2 units of 4/5
Screamers WILL die if sot so protect them from the initial round of shooting till you can get them onto the enemy lines.
Screamers are effective against knights, also against skirmishers so long as you get far enough away after so they can't charge you.
Too many screamers can cause units to get in the way of each other. Especially if there is but one good target.
Bring something bigger and bader that people will focus on more. A huge advantage of screamers is that they get underestimated. Use them properly and people WILL fear them.
Remember to hit Multiple units, and remember they can zigzag. The more units you hit, the better.

I'm sorry if I have missed anything. :D Screamers are easily the best unit in the Daemon book imo lol.

12-06-2009, 21:51
only downside is that screamers are ultra fragile with t3 5+ save, they tend to die really quickly. The more the better as said, id suggest at least 10 (2 units of 5)

12-06-2009, 22:57
I am not to experienced with Screamers but I would say 2 units of 5 would work perfectly. This allows you to take some damage and also 2 units of 5 is pretty manouverable.

13-06-2009, 08:44
And a unit of 5 auto-destroys units feeling through them. So with what you have on your desk: 2x5 and 2 for a chariot.

14-06-2009, 21:23
10 Horrors - standard - IoS
10 Horrors - standard - IoS
10 Horrors - standard - IoS

can only take 1 Icon of anything.. they are not gifts. These are magic items and are 0-1.

15-06-2009, 05:22
Check the Daemon FAQ, man.

15-06-2009, 11:42
10 Horrors - standard - IoS
10 Horrors - standard - IoS
10 Horrors - standard - IoS

can only take 1 Icon of anything.. they are not gifts. These are magic items and are 0-1.

I haven't used my DoC since before the FAQ (yeah it's been a while). Tar for the info, I'll check it out.