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orange mash
12-06-2009, 07:29
just onedering but are there any other players loackl GW's that are lacking in fantasy players because the one i go to has about 3 other fantesy players that go reguly (i play vc and the rest play WE,WoC and LM) the rest all play 40k

i also play 40k but think fantasy is by far a better game

dose any one also have this problem

12-06-2009, 08:05
GW tends to be a source of little kids running around with there BIG GUNS
generally fantasy players are older, check around your area im sure theres lots of fantasy clubs just they dont hang around the GW's

12-06-2009, 08:58
my local one is pretty much the same, recently in the past month i went down a few times (4-5) and there were no fantasy games going on what so evr and when i went to the gaming night on thursday there was 1!.
also when all the new players come in the staff give them the choice of magic or BIG CHUNKY GUNS and SUPER HUMANS which tbh aint exactly a fair representation of fantasy

12-06-2009, 09:20
If you think about it, there are more SciFi films than Sword and Sorcery ones.

12-06-2009, 09:28
Wisconsin actually has something called the wwhfb.com. It's for WI Fantasy players (though most aren't registered) but provides a forum for those who are active to get in contact with each other and set stuff up. I might suggest something like that for your area if you have the time and resources to do so.

12-06-2009, 09:50
I recently went into a Games Workshop for the first time in 15 years a few weeks back in Doncaster, they had 5 tables set out, all of which was 40k sadly.

Trying to find any warhammer players in my own town Barnsley has been an almost impossible task, although there are clubs in surrounding cities.

I guess prices are just too high these days to have as many players around?

12-06-2009, 10:36
i don't usually see anyone playing in my GW unless it's the skull pass or black reach starter table that's set up.....at the gaming club i goto i'm only yet to see 40k players and just me and my friend playing fantasy. i know some others have fantasy armies but i'm yet to see one bring them

Duke Georgal
12-06-2009, 10:44
I have no trouble finding fantasy players.

Try setting up a Yahoo Group with your location and the word "Warhammer" in the description. Eventually someone will find you out. Leave your number at the local store. We are out there.

For what it is worth, my friends and I never play in stores. Too many smelly kids and nasty card floppers. So, when you find a group like ours, you will be playing in a nice climate controlled house with food, drink, and great atmosphere.

Much better!

12-06-2009, 11:07
The number of WHFB games to 40k in Wakefield, UK is probably about 70:30ish.

Most of the adults/youth play 50:50, and anyone <16 plays almost exclusively 40k really.

It's easier to imagine space bugs, guns, tanks, than hordes of undead raising from the ground and slowly walking towards the enemy etc. That's why it's probably more appealing at first, just my 2cents.


12-06-2009, 11:26
My store has 4 fantasy players and maybe 50+ 40k players, its a drag.

12-06-2009, 11:53
World War I & II armoured vehicles and guys toting guns look cool, Steam Tanks and a short guy swinging around a hammer do not.

12-06-2009, 12:11
Are you serious?

12-06-2009, 12:16
Same thing at my local store. The owner was pretty desperate to get me to come weekly while I started my army. We'll see though. One of my pet peeves is playing with unpainted models... and i picked O&G... sooooo it'll be awhile. :P

12-06-2009, 12:22
Tuesdays veterans night ends at 10pm,
Thursdays veterans night ends at 8pm.
Both from a 6pm start.

Tuesday is seemingly "40k night" while thursday is "fantasy night".
As a result, all the 40k players turn up on tuesdays and avoid thursdays, while nobody really bothers to turn up thursday as it's pretty dead and after 6pm you get less than 2 hours for a game....which means you'll often not get enough time to setup and play the full game before having to pack up.

So not a lot of fantasy games going on at the moment. Other than playing my mate (whoose getting a bit fed up of me beating his "tournament" list...he wants the practice it seems)

Penitent Engine
12-06-2009, 12:25
It isn't so bad where I am-on my local games shop's 40k day there are normally 10-12 people, and on the WHFB night there are just as many, if not more!
And recently the local gaming club put on a huge battle using a 9'x6' board at roughly 20 000pts a side.
Fantasy is alive and kicking :D

12-06-2009, 12:28
Id have to agree that most people play 40k over fantasy. It really isnt that hard to believe when you look at how much love 40k gets from models to special rules/games coming out what seems every other year or so such as

Cities of Death
and now Planet Strike

fantasy has

absolutely nothing...... (this might be one reason in fact im almost positive it is)

And then 40k has space marines. the only army that is ever guaranteed to get new rules every edition with about 4 sub codexes in that edition plus there also chaos marines where as other races may not even get a single dex the entire edition and the majority of the next one.

So i am gonna go out and say 40k is really only more popular because it actually gets love while fantasy seems shunned alot.

Oh and the kiddies have to have there big guns.

orange mash
12-06-2009, 12:31
i seem to only get 1 game in of fantasy evary time i am there if i am lucky
and it will normaly be 500 points and the staff let 40k players play 2000 points
if it finishes in an hour but if its fantasy and u r only going 2 take an hour
u cant for some reason WTF!

also i am one of the youngest serious fantasy players there with the exeption of 1

Commodus Leitdorf
12-06-2009, 13:24
There are quite a bit of fantasy players around where I live actually, though many of us play both so its not a big issue finding anyone for a game.

12-06-2009, 14:17
i think i read a poll at some point that said more people play hordes and warmachine than warhammer fantasy, 40k being on top. This was in America though, I think its different in other countries.

12-06-2009, 14:25
i see the appeal of 40k to younger kids, but when they choose there armies the majority of them in my area go ultramarine crazy and dont even look at the different chapters at all. its like on the rare occasion that when a kid chooses swords and bows that theyl go straight to chaos section and start looking at khorne stuff and asking quetions to the staff bout rules before saying "mummy mummy i want that one". it seems that both 40k and fantasy suffer from the case that theyr becoming one dimensional to all the new players

12-06-2009, 14:32
i have exactly the same problem. I have 2 local clubs that i know of

1 is a rpg and wargaming club, that hasnt played a wargame in 18months, and no one play WHFB

the other is only on every other night and has only 4 people that regually play fantasy (including me), 1 of them is hardly hever there (the wood elf player), 1 is a high elf player, and she cant really be bothered and isnt very good. The last one is a dwarf player who loves gunlines

i i have 4 fantasy armies and i cannot get a decent game

12-06-2009, 16:18
40k is a lot more balanced and most 40k armies don't need as many models. It's a lot more simple and easy to get started.

12-06-2009, 16:38
Fantasy needs a fairly large commitment to start of with. Though I did! I might start seeing how much of my fantasy gear I can start to ressurect. I can still use my VC Zombies, but my Empire suffered from First Army Syndrome, you see...

12-06-2009, 17:16
Either system requires a decent commitment.