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12-06-2009, 15:48
Someone did me a nice offer of about 240 euros (transport included) for the following:

Lords and Heroes:
1 Paladin* (WIP gepaint, old edition with lioncape.)
1 Paladin (current edition - dragonlance
1 Lady* (standing sorceress, witte coat.)
1 Lady* (riding a horse.)
1 Sulaman le Saracen* (in blister.)

Core units:
12 Knights of the Realm. (badly assembled, white coat)
6 Knights Errant (Witte coat a few WIP gepaint.)
21 Knigts Errant/ of the Realm. (all bits, almost new)
6 Knights* (old tin knights, white coat.)
4 Knights* (old tin knights from blister.)
32 Men at arms (white coat.)
12 Bowmen (white coat, few wip painted)
+- 30/40 Bowmen* (some coated others on sprue)
1 Command Group Man at Arms* (new in blister)

Special Units:
3 Pegasus Knights (White coat.)
3 Pegasus Knights (In sprue.)
5 Questing Knights (In doosje, z.g.a.n.)
8 Mounted Yeoman (in pockets fresh from blister)

Rest:- Some loose knights and models, uncategorized
- Old army book
- New army book
- Bitbox with lots of leftovers
- Old and new Transfers from regimental boxes

What kind of armies would i be able to make with this?
Are all these items usable still (bar old armybook)?

And how beginner friendly are the Bretonnians?

Any paint/assembly advise should i take this?

12-06-2009, 18:41
Playing friendly games brets are pretty easy to use as a beginner. Playing a serious game against a skilled opponent you will still be hosed if you don't know what you are doing though. Marching straight across the table and charging will hold you over until you start to pick the game up. The selection of models is pretty decent for a starting force, you might want a unit of grail knights eventually. What you have will do just fine though...piles of knights supported by piles of peasants is the name of the game. Once you get your purchase you can look through the army book and post any questions you have, but bret armies don't really have a ton of sway as far as list variations go. As long as all the models are in good condition, or salvageable condition you got a pretty decent deal.

Lord Dan
12-06-2009, 18:47
Absolutely. While categorized as knights errant, you could easily swap the heads with some of the bitz you're getting to make them KoTR. For 240 euros (which is like, $320 USD?) you're getting a lot of stuff.

12-06-2009, 20:01
Is that odd Green Knight a must? I heard a lot of positive words about that miniature.

Lord Dan
12-06-2009, 21:13
I think the miniature is fine. In game, however, he is far from a "must".

Duke Georgal
12-06-2009, 21:25
For painting I STRONGLY recommend you get a 5th edition Bretonnian Army Book.

One can be found on eBay pretty cheap and easy.

It has a section on painting heraldry that is 20 times better than the current book has to offer. There is an Osprey book on medeval heraldry that is also very helpful, but the 5th edition book is still the best for a warhammer army.

12-06-2009, 21:27
I actually have that Osprey book in my collection. ^^
Took a course on Heraldry this year too. In fact my exam on it was last monday.
But i'll keep my eyes open for it.

12-06-2009, 22:03
Whoa that's a nice deal ! I haven't seen one unuseable thing in the list (except maybe sulaman, but even so if he's on horse you can play him as a normal hero), you can do a lot of different army lists with it. Nice deal you've done ! :)

12-06-2009, 22:16
Hehe well he only has a single rival. And if he doesn't reply soon i'm accepting this one. Because it is indeed very good.