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12-06-2009, 22:35
Glaf Alberich Haupt-Anderssen of Stirland went on a spending spree, and bought a Army! Unfortunately He spent most of the budget on hiring the Deathjacks, so the greatswords' swords are wooden, and the Steam Tank came with only the main body, and no cannon. So with Stirlands abundance of wood (hence living in a forest), the local engineers were able to fashion a wooden cannon of sorts. :)

Empire 1500 points.


Captian Total: 105
full plate
sword of sigsmond

Captian Total: 89
armor of metric iron
great wepon

Captian Total: 185
Imperial Banner


Swordsmen (River Patrol) 24 Total: 175

Spearmen (River Patrol) 25 Toal: 170

Crossbowmen 20 Total: 165

Archers 10 Total: 85

Huntsmen (Deathjacks) 10 Total: 105


Woodenswords 10 Total: 130


Steamtank Total: 300

Total: 1499

Comments, and tips?

17-06-2009, 01:56
Well, first the positive. I like the idea of a fluff (even though fluff is relative) based army, and Stirland is a good place for that.

Just for playability and efficacy, I'd say that 10 Great-Wooden-Swords is generally a waste, and even with stubborn might hold a turn, but definitely will be dead after that. Those points might be better spent with some more shooting, or with my 2nd, suggestion -

I would drop the 2nd Captain (Meteoric Iron one) in favor of a Level 2 wizard, prob with a Scroll and Power Stone.

Whatever points you have left, maybe try and squeeze a unit of Pistoliers?

Those suggestions are simply based on the effectiveness of the units in the book, irrespective of your fluff-influenced restrictions. If you want those Woodenswords in the list, darn well keep them there.

Thanks for your time!

17-06-2009, 04:05
i tried starting stirland army once ... then the new lizardmen book came out :'(. also themed army lists are awesome, because, usually, you can't power game with a fluffy army.

The Boy Harker
17-06-2009, 12:12
i like the idea behing what your doing, but you will get caned by any army with decent magic capability, so Id certainly drop one of the captains and shoe-horn in a wizard with a scroll or two.

also, i think the imperial banner is a tad expensive, especially in a game this size you migth be better served dropping it in favour of the griffon standard or even a trusty old war banner.

also, id be tempted to split the xbows into two units of 10, so that you can split your fite if required, and it will take the opponent two units (or one unit twice as long) to take them out.

love huntsmen though!