View Full Version : 2250 - New to High Elves

13-06-2009, 03:40
I'm looking for a new army to collect and paint. While looking through my armies, I noticed that somehow I have collected only "evil" armies. I was thinking about Empire, but realized that I probably wouldn't like the play style. I've decided on High Elves. I'd appreciate your help and critique of the list I've started to put together before buying a lot of stuff. I'm trying to avoid a Dragon, but will probably eventually pick one up for high point games.

Archmage - Lvl 4, Jewel of Dusk, Sacred Incense, Folaraith's Robe (350)
Noble (Gen) - Dragon Armor, Blade of Sea Gold, Enchanted Shield (141)
Mage - Lvl 2, Silver Wand, Ring of Fury (185)
Mage - Lvl 2, Dispel Scroll, Seerstaff

Spearmen x23 - Full Cmd, Lion Standard (257)
Archers x10 (110)
Archers x10 (110)

Dragon Princes x5 - Full Cmd, Warbanner, Amulet of Light (235)
Swordmasters x18 - Full Cmd, Banner of Sorcery (350)

Bolt Thrower x3

Points = 2223 (still have some left)
PD = 11
Dispel = 6

It seems pretty strong and heavy with the casting. My plan is to put the Noble with the Spears to make a solid force in the middle. The mage that can choose spells will go where he can make effect of Arrow Attraction.

The other option that will bring me closer to 2250 is to mount the Noble, give him the Starlance, and run him with the Princes. I can then add another Spearelf to flesh out the ranks.

Please let me know your thoughts before I start buying a bunch of stuff.