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13-06-2009, 06:38
In 2000 pts to 2250 points in WoC, I run 3 sorcerors.

A lvl 4 Tzeentch on a disc, enchanted shield, bloodcurdling roar, infernal puppet
and 2 lvl 2 Slaanesh sorcerors on foot with rod of torment and power familiar on other

What should I do to make them more effective, I've had mixed results, and I would like to make my disc sorceror more dangerous

13-06-2009, 09:38
infernal puppet is a defensive item so if you want to make him more dangerous put that item on someone else. I dont play WoC so I dont know your options but increasing the number of PD that you have available is usually a good idea.

13-06-2009, 09:50
for a start I'd turn the slannech guys in to nurgle sorcers, bubrus is game winning (as I found out last week, 4 burbus on a vamp lord, took out his entire magic defence then finnished of with rot glorious rot on the MSU of zombies around me, ended up with 31 dead zombies)

I'd then look at makeing sure you lord guy is protected, Golden eye of tzznech is a good idea, with Enchaned shield, sword of might, homulus and roar. Yep its expensve but you do a heck of a lot of dammage and your not going to die with out a heck of a lot of fire power (1+ save 3+ ward)

as for the level 2s make sure one has the puppet as it will help lot, also maybe skull of katam if you group them together as well as a scroll or two

Fall from grace
13-06-2009, 09:54
PeG is right, You could try Skull of Katam, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Spell Familiar and Conjoined Homunculus. I feel this would increase your spell-casting and leave you suitably protected if you steer clear of CC.

Just my opinion but hope it helps.

13-06-2009, 10:28
I'd personally try:

Sorc Lord with lv4, tzeentch, disc, Golden eye of tzeentch, enchanted shield, spell familiar, book of secrets = 390. If you want to, add sword of might to help with hitting things. 1+ armour, 3+ ward versus shooting should make him hard to kill, spell familiar increases his chances of getting IG and book of secrets is an extra PD :)

Then Sorc with lv2, nurgle, steed, infernal puppet (2+ armour save can go with knights or warriors happily, helps reduce book of secrets miscast odds and hurt other people)

Then sorc with lv2, nurgle, steed, scroll, power familiar (2+ armour, power familiar is nice for more dice and you always need a scroll :D)

13-06-2009, 19:00
I used to run my level 4 with the Puppet, Tongue and Biting Blade, but now I am leaning more towards the Puppet, Golden Eye and two Power Stones.

On my level 2s I'm a great fan of 1) the Book + Spell Familiar, 2) Skull of Katam, 3) Rod of Torment.

A liberal sprinkling of the shooting gifts I have also found good if you have the points to spare.

bork da basher
13-06-2009, 19:22
my lord of tzeentch, disc, golden eye of tzeentch, book of secrets using death lore, spell familiar and conjoined homunculus.

3+ ward vs missiles, +1 PD, +2 spells and +D3 casting for stupidity test.

my level 2's have power familiar and infernal puppet. rod of torment is nice but the amount of firepower they put out as it is is scary enough.

13-06-2009, 20:29
What I have been experimenting with lately is giving one of my wizards the Word of Agony. Someone else in my army would have the Infernal Puppet so I would have the potential of killing one of his wizards right away. The wound you take is annoying but I think it is worthh having the chance to outright kill his wizard.

bork da basher
13-06-2009, 22:15
Kaldour - Sorcerer lord / lvl 4, MoT, disc, golden eye of tzeentch, rod of torment, spell familiar, conjoined homunculus, bloodcurdling roar / 435

tried this out tonight with amazing results. capable of between 6 and 31 hits per turn at strength varying from 1 to 7. wiped out a 20 strong unit of black guard in a single magic phase and THEN proceeded to gateway a hydra, possibly the best show of magical doom i've ever had from a single charecter in over 15 years of gaming. the above is now how im running my sorcerer lord. magic missile for the win.

14-06-2009, 12:05
Put your puppet on someone else, preferably in the back of your army. Your lord needs to hit as hard as possible with his magic so giving him a puppet is a waste of points. I equip my lord with a Golden eye of Tzeentch, Disc, Homonculus amongst other things.

I've had great fun with Skull of Katam, but it's a bit risky to put a lot of sorcerors in one group, but what fun is magic without a bit of risky gambling.

14-06-2009, 13:47
The problem is that putting the Puppet on a Hero means he has very little else he can take along with it, wasting the rest of his item quota. That is not a problem with a Lord, since 35 is much less of a difficult value for him.

14-06-2009, 20:15
Not sure this has been mentioned and its dependent on tastes, but consider switching one of the Tzeentch soc's for Vilitch. he is not too many more points than an upgraded Soc Lord but has some really nice abilitys, not to mention he knows all the spells of Tzeentch and can nick oppositions dice for dispelling!

15-06-2009, 19:14
the army i'm running in an upcoming tournament has the following for sorcs:
Level 4: nurgle, word of agony, bloodskull pendant, armour of morrslieb, and a power stone. In a unit of nurgle warriors.
Level 2: nurgle, 2xdispel scrolls, chaos steed. In a unit of nurgle knights
The level 4 packs some surprising punch in combat, and the power stone give him a good chance of sneaking in rot glorious rot at the end of a phase. The level 2 is just a basic scroll caddy, but nurgle magic has some really good synergy together. buboes tends to be a must stop spell for alot of armies and now he has to stop it twice