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13-06-2009, 08:51
So in my quest to find a list that is not cheesy, but still competitive enough to offer cheesy lists a mild challenge, I'm submitting the following to you guys for criticism

here's the list:

Arch Lector … 252
+ Great Weapon
+ Barded Warhorse
+ Dawn Armor
+ Van Horstmann’s
+ White Cloak

Captain … 125
+ AoMI
+ Icon of Magnus

Battle Wizard … 150
+ Level 2
+ Rod of Power
+ Power Stone

Battle Wizard … 150
+ Level 2
+ Doomfire Ring
+ Power Stone

CORE: 808

1st Infantry Block … 214
24 Swordsmen
+ Full Command
- 9 Halberdier Detachment

2nd Infantry Block
24 Swordsmen
+ Full Command
- 9 Halberdier Detachment

11 Crossbowmen … 93
+ Marksman

5 knights … 123
+ Musician

5 knights … 164
+ Musician
+ Standard Bearer
+ War Banner

Great Cannon … 100
Great Cannon … 100

19 Greatswords … 220
+ Full Command

5 Pistoliers … 114
+ Outrider
+ Musician
+ Repeater Pistol

RARE: 230
Helstorm Rocket Battery … 115
Helstorm Rocket Battery … 115

So I'm planning on putting the BSB with the Greatswords, and deploying my sword blocks to the left and right of the Greatswords. I'll be keeping the swords within 6 inches of the BSB to give them LD. 8. Arch Lector joins the knights with the War Banner. The crossbows protect my warmachines from Fast Cav/flyers.

What do you guys think? I really wanted to fit the Ring of Volans in this list, and am considering dropping the White Cloak on the AL to fit it. I also am torn between giving the BSB the Imperial Banner, as my AL won't always be around for leadership, so being able to re-roll fear/panic would be really nice.

Thoughts? Thanks guys.

17-06-2009, 02:07
Just a couple thoughts, since you asked:

1) I'd keep the BSB Captain just as he is. That 125pts is probably the most cost-effective point expense in the Empire Army. If you give him the Imperial Banner he won't live long past the first combat he's in with just Full Plate Armor.

2) While Halberds are fluffy, I find that Free Company units are far better detachments. To be honest, it is a rare occasion where the Halberds hit anything to use their Strength 4 on anyway. I like volume of attacks a little more, though this is simply preference.

3). The Arch Lector and the two Battle Wizards should give you 5-6 dispel dice, which is nice. I do generally try to find the 25pts on at least 1 wizard to get a scroll. There will be a game where you have a level 2 wizard surprise you by using a power stone and casting Pit of Shades on a 14 when you only have 3 dispel dice left. 1 scroll is a must, in my opinion.

4) Another opinion, but in an Empire army the general and his leadership are imperative. In a mounted army, you take a mounted general. You have a mixed army, which means your cavalry will benefit from your general's leadership, while your large contingent of infantry will not.

5) On a positive note, I like Swordsman units 24-25 strong. It's a good number and makes it likely that they will get into combat with full static combat resolution, which is how they win fights (they don't kill anyone, at least mine don't).

6) Also you don't need the Marksman in the Crossbows and the Outrider in the Pistoliers, that should shave some points.

Thanks for your time!

17-06-2009, 02:17
Always mount your heros when possible, they can still join units and cannot be picked out. Its a cheap way to up their armour as well. I totally agree with the scroll, one is a must. Don't like the hellstorms, way to random to be truly effective. I would also pickup another pistolier than the outrider, sure the outrider has more shots but another pistolier makes the unit harder to defeat with just one spell or shooting.

Not sure about the greatswords either, str5 is nice but with only a 4+ armour save and going last there aren't likely to be many left to swing after a round with even mediocre infantry from other lists let alone elite infantry. I'd rather have more swordsmen thanks

Have found that with a small base there is no real advantage to deploying only 5 wide, larger bases still get their full five in, why not try 6 or 7 wide, giving you that 1 or 2 attack advantage.