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13-06-2009, 22:41
I've got the model and use it as a Lord on sheildbearers, but I don't like having models I don't have all the information for...where can the rules for the figure be found?

14-06-2009, 07:23
The appropriate White Dwarf.

Not sure if they went anywhere else, mainly because the rules were deliberately made OTT and cheesy.

14-06-2009, 11:25
Just White Dwarf. He's pretty crazy in all incarnations though.

He has a +2 Strength Axe that doesn't count as a great axe (just takes 2 hands), can re-roll failed hits and wounds, 1+ re-rollable (I think) armor save with a 3 or 4+ ward save. And to top it all off, he works like an assassin (hides in unit).

This is all from memory, so I may be wrong.

14-06-2009, 12:11
That's not the XXX one, that's the normal one.

The XXX one consists of the White Dwarf on shield being lugged around by Gotrek (you know, the Slayer) and Bugman (of the Brewery, with his health-replenishing tankard).

Comes in at 1K points, and is capable of smashing armies single-handedly.

14-06-2009, 12:23
The rules for the White Dwarf can only be found in the relevant issue of WD.

May I remind you all that posting of rules and stat lines is a breach of our Forum Rules and or Copyright, so please do not be tempted to do so.