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13-06-2009, 22:06
Ok, I've decided to start up Fantasy, and I've written me an army list for High Elves. It's not a great list, but I'm more interested in the modelling and background side of things.

I really love the Naggarythe background, but hate the Shadow Warrior models. It's mainly the helmets, but also the random piece of crotch-armour and poor faces.

So, I decided to make my own. I saw an opportunity to make them more to my "exiled High Elf" theme (I'm sure I've mentioned that elsewhere, but I'm still refining it), and make them a little darker and grittier than the normal HE models - sort of a cross between Dark Elves and High Elves.

Without further ado, here's the model (apologies for the bad lighting):


Please can you tell me what you think of this model. It was me first attempt at greenstuffing scale armour. I was going to do it in the full slanted style - like the High Elf Spearman "skirts", but when I realised how many scales I'd created, I couldn't be bothered (only had a half hour before work). Paint-wise the cloak will be black, the armour a dulled metal and the detailing and under-robes in either red or dark blue (haven't decided which way round yet). I also think I need to add some extra knives and gear to the belt, to give it a slightly "meaner" look.

So, do you think this could make a great looking army with two units of 6 of these as a centrepiece [and an Alith-Anar style model]?

Oh, and here's a WIP Noble. It's converted to be female, and I've got to switch out the head - the armoured version blots out the conversion work I've done (narrowed waist, wider hips). The Staff will also be replaced by a sword.


So, what do you reckon? Interested in seeing more?

13-06-2009, 22:08
definitely interested in seeing more..... although i think that shadow warrior still looks to wood elfy... maybe some more work is needed?

Johan Chill
14-06-2009, 16:28
A little too Wood Elf-y, but so are my High Elves. ;)

Good Luck and Subscribed.

Magic Karl
14-06-2009, 20:57
I was wondering when I'd see somone use wood elf parts for HE! That theme has some great potential for awesome conversions and paint schemes

15-06-2009, 20:13
I like them and would like to see more :) The ranger seems a bit woodelfy though, maybe it's the leaf-like sort of thing between the two greenstuffed sclae armor ?

If we can give opinions on the paint scheme, go blue. I like blue, and red + black is too much the "traditional" colors of the evil guys. Blue + Black goes on a more neutral/from both sides scheme.

15-06-2009, 21:49
Yes, other models will have the armoured High Elf Archer heads to make them a little less wood-elfy overall - I just wanted a couple of "assassin" style guys. Also the shoulder pads will be metal, and so will the inner parts of the boots (like shin guards, but inside the boot and made of bare metal).

Black and blue is probably what I'll go for, with red detailing to make it stand out (yet not be "traditional evil" as you put it).