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14-06-2009, 00:00
So im building an empire army with non GW miniatures (perry samurai)

So I want to use spearmen in units of around 18-25 (depending on size of game)

With detatchments of archers, and free company I think, whats a good size for those? (archers are for skirmish screening line ahead of troops.

From looking around the forums it seems uits of 5 knights are order of the day. What kind of command do I give said units? None?

Also are greatswords worth it in smaller games? If so what kind of unit size\detatchment would you field them in?

The final thing is characters... Im new to fantasy so whats a good Leader, or selection of leaders for a 1000pt empire list?

The Farmer
14-06-2009, 11:51
State troops tend to be fielded in units of 25, 20 is the minimum which you can get away with in smaller games.

Detachment wise archers can be taken in units of 5 and can screen both detachment and parent unit at that size. Detachments are best fielded in units of 9 for defensive (guys with shields and possible FC) or 10 for hitty. With 9 they can hide between units and reduce attacks from some units.

What you're referring to are nilla knights. These are used as support units used to chase down other small units hunt ranged units and support charge. Commandwise a musician is all they need as banners give away VP.

Greatswords I've never fielded in games less than 1500 points but they are reliable and I tend to field them in a unit of 18 with a compliment of detachments (5 archers and 9 swordsman).

In smaller games I tend to field a warrior priest and wizard with ROP. This gives you the obligatory LD8 while giving a decent magic phase in both defense and possibly offense.

Von Wibble
14-06-2009, 18:50
At 1000pts

Something like

2 x 25 spears (since you said you wanted those) 2 x 5 archer detachment, 2 x 9 free company detachments.

5 pistoliers, Cannon. Both essential in any game.

Characters as described by the farmer for 1500 certainly - maybe a little expensive at this size though. Magic doesn't have so much effect at this size game so you could try a gamble with a pegasus captain with lance, full plate and aldred's casket, and then a bsb - a much cheaper combo and far better as leaders and in combat.

Choice of minimum flagellants, hellblaster or 5 knights to finish - might need to lose a state troop or 2 for this.

14-06-2009, 20:01
but you do know that spears are not considered the best option for your infantry right? As have been said you need at least one cannon and maybe some other shooting. Shooting is the main way to deal with hydras, dragons, daemons and other nasty things.

Depending on your opponents you may consider some magic defence at 1500. Many armies can throw some nasty spells at this level. Personally I usually take 1 scroll caddy with 2 scrolls in 1000-1500 points. If some of your opponents really go OTT with magic you might need more. I have seen daemons with 20 PD at 1500 points..... on the other hand in that scenario just pack up and play against someone else.