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14-06-2009, 14:53
I took a look through my Space Marines book, and I saw that if you take calagar, you can have 30 honor guard. I was wondering if this list would work?

14-06-2009, 15:23
If you were playing an Apocalypse game or a huge points value 'normal' game and took an extra two tactical squads...Basically no, no it wouldn't. ANY game big enough to include Calgar + 30 honour Guard is going to include some serious Tankage which will get pointed at their smiling faces before they died.

It'd be bloody fun while it lasted though, especially if it charged one of theose Ork 'Green Tide' things (the data sheet with a Warboss and 100+ Orks that get to Waaagh every turn).

14-06-2009, 15:41
If all were mounted in Landraiders and then transported by thunderhawk transporters, yes, yes they would work. Right up to the point where the enemy points 4000 pts worth of str D weapons your way :P

Although the imagery it conjures is wonderful.

14-06-2009, 15:45
Calgar and the honour guard cost 1330pts without any upgrades.
you could use them at 1500 if you threw in a couple of scout squads as your compulsory choices.
It'd be interesting to see how badly that army did in a normal game.
Personally I think it'd suck like an industrial vacuum pump, but as they say, it's your nickel.

14-06-2009, 17:38
for regular games the list is flawed from concept due its lack of diversity and armourment, any tanks or reasonable fire power would wipe them off the map, however stranger things have worked.

in apocalypse they'd be prett cool, but to satisfy my need for themed armies with some plausibility i'd want at least 2 battle company + most of the 1st company and a huge complement of the armouries tanks to want to field calgar and 30 honour guard.

Col. Tartleton
14-06-2009, 18:02
The only time 30 honor guard would be legitimate is as a supplement to a full first company list.

60 Sternguard and 40 Vanguard with a command squad led by a count as Lysander Agemmon with a Sternguard Commander (Kantor), a vanguard commander (Shryke) and Cassius, Tigurius, an extra chaplain (Clausel) and give everything in sight rhinos, and what have you, and then you can legitimately put 30 honor guard and calgar in the field.

The Formation "Ultramarine's Honor Guard" is set up so you can actually take 60 HG with Calgar. It provides you with up to thirty HG and Calgar, who can take his own thirty HG.

Its a touch ridiculous but would look cool wouldn't it.