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30-12-2005, 21:02
Spellsinger Lvl2 170pts
Ranu's Heartstone
Dispel Scroll

Branchwraith Lvl1 140pts
Cluster of Radiants

Alter Noble 141pts
Great Weapon, Light Armour
Pageant of Shrikes
Enchanted Shield

Wardancer Noble 140pts
Amber Pendant

4 heroes to keep character costs lower than including a lord, I think each one has their role self explanatory. The wardancer is the general so the 3+ ward save is to (hopefully) keep him alive

10 Glade Guard 126pts

10 Glade Guard 126pts

8 Dryads 96pts

8 Dryads 96pts

Pretty standard core, 9 dryads instead of 8 for the extra casualty

9 Wardancers 183pts

7 Wardancers 133pts

7 Wildriders 243pts
Wild Hunter
Standard Bearer

2 groups of wardancers because I like the models and I'm making this army for fun mainly, should be useful most of the time though. The general skips between tham as needed. Wild Riders because they are the shock cavalry of the elven army, 7 strong because I had the points to do so and keeps their combat effectiveness for longer

Treeman 285pts

5 Waywatchers 120pts

Treeman is another good hammer unit and can stay useful throughout due to his strangleroot attack and treesinging.

Waywatcher for their usual role, good support overall I feel.


EDIT:Points value added
EDIT2: List altered

31-12-2005, 00:22
If your goin for a wardancer type army i'd consisder maybe fleahing out the wardancer units a bit more, i know this is expensive but it might work, also a moonstone of hidden ways might work for your wardancer noble

31-12-2005, 06:52
The only time I've seen a Wardancer hero die was when he got shot all to hell by my Manflayers :D I don't think they need much protection from magic gear. Skirmishing, magic resistance and a ward save is usually enough to keep the unit safe.

I like the idea of Amber Pendant on a Wardancer character simply because the enemy charging you isn't a big deal anymore. Most of his front rank strikes last, aka is dead meat. Don't have to use the awful strike first at -1A dance ever again!

So when you recieve a charge you soak 2 models worth of attacks followed by ~20-25 for yourself (assuming +1A dance), compared to striking first ~8-10 times and then getting smacked around by the more numerous survivors.

01-01-2006, 11:41
OK, so if I should take the Amber Pendant, how can I alter the list to get it?

I like the idea of musicians in my glade guard, it's better for the fleeing tactic. I can edit the number slightly in my specials but I can't seem to get it to work.

Suggestions welcome!

02-01-2006, 01:24
The Amber Pendant is the same cost as the Crystal Mere isn't it? Would be a straight up trade for it, if you decided to go that way.

02-01-2006, 15:49
Nope the Pendant is 5pts more than the Crystal Mere, otherwise I would go for the straight up trade, plus it would make it easier to test out

02-01-2006, 16:16
you can always remove one dryad from one of the regular squads then stick the branchwraith in with the squad of 8 so it gets bumped up to 9 again.... then you will have a few points left over... so idk

02-01-2006, 16:28
My bad, don't use the Crystal Mere much so forgot its points cost.

02-01-2006, 18:54
Got it!

Remove 2 Dryads and add a wardancer in, replace the stone with the pendant.

When I get the models I'll play around with the wardancer groups and see what works best

List edited