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15-06-2009, 04:59
My friends and I are starting WFB this Friday, and i was just finalizing my list for the initial battle. I know most of the basic tenets of an Empire army and I tried to put a list together that at least somewhat reflects that. Tell me what you guys think, and thanks a ton for your feedback.

Full Plate
Barded Warhorse
Sword of Power
In Swordsmen Unit


25 Swordsmen-175
Full Command

Detachment A
9 Halberdiers-45

Detachment B
10 Halberdiers-50

5 Knights-123

5 Knights-123


8 Outriders-192

Great Cannon



15-06-2009, 09:08
I dont play empire myself so i cant be sure this is sound advice, but having 9 halbediers woul mean you wouldnt have a full 2nd rank. Perhaps look at dropping a musician somewhere to buy a 10th halberdier. Also, you haven no magic defense, i can tell you from experience, even in a 1k point army, having no magic defense except for the base 2 dice can mean being eaten alive by someone with a sorceror or two. So i would see if you can drop a unit/war machine/something to fit in a wizard of somesorts.

15-06-2009, 15:08
The 9 man detachment I can understand, 3x3, has become quite standard to minimise space taken up and attacks back in return for rank breaking with the flank charge. But my question is, why 8 Outriders?

15-06-2009, 22:13
Frost27. One combat detachment should be enough. I think you could use another solid infantry unit though.

xsamx. Detachments arent supposed to have ranks. They're for denying the enemy's ranks (well not only). And like Matt sais, they take up less space which makes them more maneouvarable.

16-06-2009, 03:12
Thanks for the input. I'd considered another block, but I'm not sure where to free up the points for it nor do I have the models to make one. Additionally, am I right to put the captain with the swords? I figured the knights are just flankers so they don't really need the captain.

16-06-2009, 09:04
At present you've got 1 anvil and 4 flankers... I'd say lose one the 10 man Halberdier detachment and some of those outriders and you've got plenty of points to upgrade one unit of knights to inner circle to let them hit harder and up the mortar to a helstorm rocket battery, again so it packs more of a punch and free's up the special slot for IC knights. If you do that it might be worth sticking the captain in with the knights so they can be a real hammer, afterall the swords will win on static res rather than the kills captain might provide. If it's a case of using the models you have though, then let us know what's available :)

16-06-2009, 19:20
From what I have found, Empire can use Steam Tanks to great affect in such low point games. You should try to work one in there.

17-06-2009, 01:14
Your listed opponents aren't magic heavy, but if your worried about magic then you could try and fit in a priest instead of the Captain, though I know your short of points. I'd give him the Van Hortsmann's Speculum, to deal with any nasty characters that are used, or maybe the hammer of judgement as 2 of your opponents are measly T3 Elves.

He would also give a unit hatred, so I'd stick him with a unit of 6 Inner Circle Knights. I'd drop one of the detachments altogether, one should be enough if its of 10 guys, even against armies with a little shooting, as long as they have 5 guys by the time you reach combat.

If you don't want the single prayer he gets each turn to be dispelled then maybe a bound item could work? It may not be worth it though, especially when you reach combat.

In such low points games IMHO the swordsmen don't need a character as long as they have their detachment.

27-06-2009, 03:25
You shouldn't play Empire, they're gay. Just look at those feathers. At least we win though =)

Brother J
27-06-2009, 05:44
Seems a bit small even for a 1,000pt army. Sure there's that big block of 25, but other then that you've got some flankers, and some warmachines to do the rest of the damage.

At this particular point, I'd like to inform you that you won't be outnumbering a chaos army by too much at 1,000 points unit wise and that could pose a very big problem. Especially as they can easily field a unit of unmarked knights for 250 points or 230 without the champion upgrade. A large block of 15 chaos warriors, sword and board, warbanner, and mark of nurgle will only run slightly over 300 points as well.

Chaos sorcerers are 85 points without any upgrades, so they're quite cheap. (Die-hard WoC player.)

You just might want to get rid of some flanking units and replace them with more tough anvil types, especially with the fact that DE's have a high volume of shots at low strength, which will tear through just about anything with a lower classed armour save.

Wood Elves I think would be your biggest problem..How to use flankers and one unit of anvils..against an army that fights completely with hit and run tactics. (No, not COMPLETELY but it's pretty close.)

If you can keep up with them you're fine I suppose. I guess you could try and back them into a corner, but I doubt you're outrunning them, and I really doubt they're going to let you charge in without you suffering heavy losses by the bow.

27-06-2009, 05:52
I love those feathers :D

27-06-2009, 07:35
I'd consider pistol detachments just to hammer away at any chargers.....