View Full Version : 1000 and 2000 Wood Elf Tournamnet Armies

31-12-2005, 00:44
These armies are based around the crystal mere next to the wildwood, thus beacause the tree spirits are so violent around the area not many are included in th army.

1000pts- to take to tournamnets such as conflict

Noble 152
alter, sword of might, helm of the hunt, enchanted sheild, light armour

Spellsinger 150
level 2, calingors stave

10 Glade Guard 120

11 Dryads 132

6 Glade Riders 151

8 Wardancers 165
champion, musician

5 Waywatchers 120

2000PTS- for Gt and big tournaments

Spellweaver 335
lore of life, glamour weave(talisman), level 4, wand of wych elm

Spellsinger 150
lore of Athel loren, level 2, calingors stave

Nobel 152
sword of might, helm of the hunt, enchanted sheild, light armour

10 Glade Guard 120

10 Glade Guard 120

8 Dryads 96

5 Glade Riders 127

5 Glade Rider 127

20 Eternal Guard 295
full command, warbanner

3 Warhawk Riders 120

7 Wardancers 133

5 Waywatchers 120

2 Great Eagles 100

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated


31-12-2005, 06:57
You forgot to note the Alter kindred on the 2000 points Noble.

Anyway why the Glamor Weave on the mage? He's surely not gonna get shot much isn't he? The 4+ Ward is only good against shooting, and the Ld check of hit him on 6's in combat isn't terribly useful since he should be avoiding combat most of the time.

31-12-2005, 09:43
hmm I am guessing that the noble is going into the eternal guard so get ri of helm of the hnt as I believe it only applies on the charge. Or go my personal favorite for him gret weopon amber pendant.

god octo
31-12-2005, 11:45
Is the noble with the eternal guard a BSB. I only ask as the points dont seem to add up (though i dont have my army book to hand). Apart from that, your army is very good and you havent spent tonnes of points on characters. good luck with your tourny!!

01-01-2006, 00:40
I think in the 2k list it's still an Alter Noble, the points didn't change from the 1k list, and neither did his gear.

01-01-2006, 02:08
he is still a noble sory