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16-06-2009, 16:24
After hearing that in our club the chaos is classed "b" army meaning that it plays at 2.25k points, so I had to upgrade my list accordingly, I also figured that since gw ruined pure khorne army I need some magic defense against magic heavy armies so I figured why not take the allowed 9 pd while were at it.

Heres the list

Lord of tzeench /lvl4 sorcerer,disc,golden eye,infernal puppet,+1 spell,dispel scroll. =385p

Sorcerer /lvl2 Nurgle,collar of khorne,b.steed,power dice familiar =206p

Champion of khorne /juggernaut,flail,favour. =189p

Champion of khorne /jugger,flail,s,fury of the blood god =204p

19 marauders /MoK,gw's,fc =145p.

4x5 meatsh.. I mean warhounds =120p

5 mara horsemen /flails,MoK =110p

5 mara horsemen /flails,MoS =90p

5 Knights / MoK,stand. =250p
5 Knights /MoK,stand. =250p
5 Knights /MoK,stand,warbanner(just to make sure the fookers will break :D) =275p

Total:2249, 9PD 5DD 1 scroll.

1 hero to each knight units giving them (MR:1-2) and more hitting power.
Lord flies around gatewaying peeps to inferno. everything else is meathshield.


16-06-2009, 19:04
Thats alot of knights. That will be hard to take down but if your opponent takes Lore of Metal you could be hurting alot. I might suggest some chosen or some warriors to have an actual infantry block. If you seem comfortable with this then I am sure it could work out.

17-06-2009, 00:38
What exactly is the strenght in taking a warrior unit?
They are also heavy armored just a lot slower. Sure its more wounds for same point but its nice to have them reach combat before turn 5 also.