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16-06-2009, 17:46
hey guys,

i was wonderin if any of u have any sound wood elves tactics i could use they were my first army and ever since i got into skaven i kinda put them aside now i would like to start playing them again any advice on some sound tactics plz need help

Dragon Prince of Caledor
16-06-2009, 18:19
Shoot, dont be shot, cast spells but dont be hit with magic missiles, pick your fights, not your nose.
That is all for now.

16-06-2009, 18:33
It might help to know what you're playing with. For example I do not use Eternal Guard, so as a predominately skirmisher army I avoid head on fights in favor of combined charges. I tend to tree sing woods in front of units I'd prefer not to fight. Check out www.asrai.org there is a lot of good information there.

16-06-2009, 20:48
hey guys,

i was wonderin if any of u have any sound wood elves tactics i could use they were my first army and ever since i got into skaven i kinda put them aside now i would like to start playing them again any advice on some sound tactics plz need help

"Charles De Mar: [giving skiing instructions] Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn."

Johan Chill
17-06-2009, 04:06
Master the redirect and flank maneuver. It is the key to defeating anything of substance in an opposing army.

17-06-2009, 12:49
Don't fall into the trap of believing that "move and shoot" is the only way to win with Wood Elves. Those tactics are about the most effective way to score a Draw, not win consistently against good opponents. In my list the only shooting I have is the Hail of Doom Arrow and the Treeman's Strangleroot. That's just enough to clear one lane that I know I need, usually for my Wild Riders, and to scatter skinks when they try to poison spam my Treeman to death. Sure, I miss the advantage that shooting brings, but I've freed up points to bring the heavy hitters. For me, Movement and Combat are the funnest aspects of Warhammer, so since I love the Wood Elves the most I focus on those phases and leave the Shooting and Magic to my Dark Elves.

Wardancer Highborn, Blades of Loec, Annoyance of Netlings and the Amber Pendant. I've been using this guy for about 2 years. He has unerringly KBed every US1 Character he has ever been in combat with. Re-rolling wounds with KB is without a doubt the most effective way of landing it. And since the FAQ about KB and challenges, landing 2 6's in a challenge on a hero or lord can break even a fully ranked infantry block, especially if your Dancer retinue is landing some wounds for itself.

I think that this guy is the best use of a Lord option in the Wood Elf army. Wood Elves are about units, not characters, so you really want to be sure that if you take a Lord he's going to perform admirably in every game.

Wild Rider Highborn with the Spear of Twilight, Annoyance of Nets and Ward Save item of choice, on a steed. This guy can be effective as well if you like Wild Riders and want a Lord who fits the theme. Unlike the Wardancer, he won't land that KB on the first turn, but will survive combat long enough to land it after 2 or 3 turns. He's also fast enough to get the charge so he can really bring the pain to the enemy. I think most enemies who think they no a lot about Wood Elves won't take this guy seriously, since you just don't see Wild Rider Lords that often, but he'll bring the pain and that might give you a good advantage psychologically.

Spellweaver, Lvl4, 3 scrolls and Ranu's Heartstone. This is a very economical use of magic defense. She cost just a bit more than 2 scroll caddy's but doesn't use up character slots, which is important if you like Alter Kindred Nobles, which I do. Conversely, with Lore of Beasts she can throw 4 or 5 dice at Beasts Cowers every turn. That spell is big enough that I think most opponents will throw scrolls at it rather than risk using dice. After two turns you should be able to burn up scrolls so that they have to use dice, potentially failing to dispel it. So for a bargain, you have a strong defense with a potent potential for offense, since Beast Cowers is good enough to win a game at the right moment. Throwing so many dice also increases the chances of IF, but you have the Ranu's Heartstone in case you miscast.

That is a trademark Machaira tactic. Check out the link in my signature for more about that.

Alter Kindred Nobles. I take two to every game I play. I'd take three if I was brave enough to go without a scroll caddy, they're just that good. I try to run them together to get the most out of those st6 attacks, or with a unit of Wild Riders with the Warbanner to make sure that that static 3 flank charge sticks. One Alter combined with above stated Wild Riders on the flank will break most infantry units on the charge, so I will often run the other somewhere else that is critical, but bringing both into the same combat is huge.

I like the Standard Alter set up, Hail of Doom Arrow and the Helm of the Hunt. I just really wouldn't think of playing Wood Elves without this guy.

For the other one I like the Briarsheath and a Ward Save item of choice. This guy is great at mopping up enemy shooters since he can basically take a S&S from anything. Alternatively, if you want a BSB, Ward Save item of choice and the Sword of Might is an excellent combo. He's strong enough to lead Eternal Guard for a Stubborn center that won't break under pressure. If you want eternal guard this is really the best way to build it. I've seen some lists with a Highborn w/ Amber Pendant and a Great Weapon leading the Eternal Guard, but I just don't think that that is a good use for a lord choice. In an army about movement you shouldn't keep a fighter Lord in a static infantry block.

Those are just some thoughts. I hope they help.

One last thing though. Treekin, 4 strong for 265 points. Try them out, you won't be disappointed. run them in tandem with either a Treeman or, for cheap, a unit of Dryads and they will own whatever side of the board you send them to. It might take some practice but they'll grow on you.

Da GoBBo
17-06-2009, 18:28
Depending on the gamesize I take either 20 or 30 glade guard. I have taken 40 in 3500 battle once but just couldn't fit them in. I like the archers steady arrowfire and have learned to rely on it. If your enemy finally gets to them, they'v only gotten 240-360 points. If they don't get to them you can shoot even more :D

Besides my archers I use skirmishers and cavalary to play that nasty movementgame of theirs. Skirmishers can be marchblocked these days so you have quite a tough time dancing around long enough. I like it.

I like the hail of doom arrow and the bow of loren with the arcane bodkins.

As for strategy, shoot the crap out of them, learn when you can or cannot afford to get into close range, which you abviously want, and learn to dance and perform combined charges with somthing that negates ranks and something that does damage.

lord mekri
17-06-2009, 19:53
forget the idea that the wood elves are a shooty army. they are the surgical strike army.
have some glade gard as shooting support (2 units are good) and to give the illusion of a battle line (something your opponent can "focus" on).
the choose highly manuverable, hightly offensive units as your main hammers.
a chunky unit of wild riders is good, espcially with a noble. a unit of wardancers is a must.
having the standard alter noble (helm and hail of doom) is very useful. dont bother with magic. just take the branch wraith with level one and radiant for 4 DD. a coupel of dryad units are great. they are cheap enough to throw away as needed, but good enough to cause your opponent a lot of head aches. plus they are good screens for your hammers and gaurd foryour branchwraith.
if you can, take a tree man for the all important anvil. hard to shift, does hight strenght hits, complements the other units well.
finally, add in a unit or two for distraction. a small group of waywatchers works well, as does a unit or two of glade riders.

dont bother with eternal gaurd, unless you are really in love with them, as they only way to make them work is to literally build your army around them.

26-07-2010, 09:41
I've been using Wood Elves for a while now, and there's a few things I've learned:
1) Archery's main use is to take down their rank bonus. I absolutely love archery; but from my experience, it's only real uses are to help out with close combat and take out war machines.
2) Glade Scouts get charged and generally don't help very much. Drawing the enemy where you want them's an option, but generally I'd say points are better spent elsewhere.
3) Treemen don't die. They just don't. The only thing I've seen even wound them is Night Goblin Fanatics and cannons. Even cannons seem to struggle. I always take my Treeman in any game that the points will allow.
4) 15 Eternal Guard, full command, War Banner, Battle standard bearer (Noble, don't waste points on a Highborn), Banner of Dwindling. Works ridiculously well, especially combined with your archery taking out their ranks. Run 'em down consistently, or at least stay where you are until help arrives.
5) Glade Riders seem absolutely **** at first. However, a small unit (I generally take eight) can get past close combat quite easily (people rarely bother trying to kill them when you demonstrate how bad they are at killing units in the ballistics phase). Once they're behind their ranks, take out war machines, and get ready for a charge. If your close combat is struggling, specifically those Eternal, get in with a rear charge. +2 to combat resolution, combined with +3 from all the Eternal's banners, and negating their rank bonus. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they're running, and with fast cavalry and eternal's banner of dwindling, you're running them down.
The beauty of this tactic is that you can take out their most expensive unit without having to kill every model, or rely on combat resolution from killing them. Leave your forest spirits to worry about any other units they may have, and if need be, use trees to get in the way of war machines.

Obviously some improvisation is needed when they decide to go for the Glade Riders or whatever, but improvise a bit and remember where your strengths lie.

I realise this is probably a bit late, but I felt like sharing my views on how to use the Wood Elves.

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26-07-2010, 12:18
Please repost your response in the WE 8e tactica. This thread has long been dead and concerns the previous edition.