View Full Version : skull wand of kaloth

16-06-2009, 19:15
can the skull wand of kaloth be used in magic or just close combat??
plz help cause my friend says he can use in magic too and he slays everyone

16-06-2009, 19:32
*sigh* 'for each successful hit inflicted by this weapon'

but aside from that it's generally accepted that magic weapons special rules only apply to the attacks from that weapon. there are some weapons with particularly bad wording on them and taken to apply literally would just be silly.

small side note when asking about a particular item it helps to mention the army that has that item. you might get faster answers since people won't have to go hunting through multiple army books.

16-06-2009, 19:41
Ok well its for orcs and goblins and its a wand that makes you take a leadership test for every succusful hit you make..and if you fail you are slayed instantly, but i was wondering if you can use it for magic attacks

16-06-2009, 22:09
It works in Close Combat only. Not a horrible deal for Orc Shamans as they are not totally hopeless in close, but still not that grand. I've seen someone use it on a Shaman on a Wyvern for those times when he does end up in combat.

16-06-2009, 22:10
You can only use it for hits inflicted by the weapon.

Spell damage (foot of gork, etc.) would not fall under 'for each successful hit inflicted by this weapon'.

The only way the wand could be used in the magic phase is if the shaman wielding it somehow makes close combat attacks during the magic phase. A cause for this could be having Delectable Torture, the lore of slaanesh spell, cast on him.