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17-06-2009, 08:25
so here's my final army list, the one i played with yesterday and had a win against my cousins warriors of chaos.
1000 points
its a fun army to play and models wise its got lots of options.
anyway here's the list

-warrior priest,barded warhorse,great hammer,shield,heavy armor
-5 knights,muscician
-5 pistoliers,muscician
-5 pistoliers,muscician
-15 swordsmen(5,halberdiers,5free company as detachement)
-15 swordsmen(5 halberdiers,5 free company as detachement)

formation: flaggelants runn up in front of the main advance screening the swordsmen units, altough expensive it wil mostly allow the enemy to charge me or me them and then have my unit die in theyre turn so that i can charge in with my swordsmen.

pistoliers on unit march blocking duty and skimish hunters

knights and warrior priest are there to wait back and hit anything too hard to handle alone.

thanks c&c welcome

The Boy Harker
17-06-2009, 12:07
it seems like a waste of 140 points to use your flaggellents like that.

why dont you just use a 5 model free company detachment for the same purpose?

they dont cause panic and only cost 25 points.

17-06-2009, 14:34
I agree that the flaggelants are probably not best served like that. Otherwise the list is okay. They will die in 1 round of combat to most troops, then their units can overun into what they were screening... or more likely they get shot and killed very easily...
I'd love to see those knights as Inner Circle, but in 1k points they should be fine as they are. The priest could do with some equipment: Van Horstmann's/Hammer of Judgement/Dawn Armour are good choices.
I think rather than 2 units of swordsmen, take 1 unit of 25 with Full Command, its better for static combat resolution.

A little tweaking is all thats required on this otherwise quite solid list.

17-06-2009, 21:24
well thanks for the responses guys, i can agree on the flaggelants.
ive done some rethinking here and there and come up with a variant list with a few changes.

-warrior priest,great hammer,heavy armor,barded warhorse
-15 swordsmen,fc-5 man halberdiers-5 man free company
-15 swordsmen,fc-5 man halberdiers-5 man free company
-10 flaggelants
-5 inncer circle knights,banner,muscician
-5 pistoliers,muscician
-5 pistoliers,muscician
-hellblaster volley gun

as you can see i changed the number of flaggelants,the knights to inncer circle and added a hellblaster.

the hellblaster seemed more fun than the cannon and can pack quite a punch.
besides i had a rare slot open up due to the flaggies.