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17-06-2009, 10:15
So what is your favorite warhammer army and please give reasons:)
Me personally
My favorite army is Wood Elves for a couple of reasons.
1. Im a bit of a hippy myself, I love animals and plants, hate garbage all that jazz but these guys are uber killy hippies, they get the job done not like the uber modern day hippies, smoking funny things helps bring world peace:wtf:

2. Love the models, the Wood Elf Noble with Great Weapon is my favorite model out.

3. I like the wild theme and the look, also like a shooty army which is what these guys are great at.

4. Finally Lore of Beast, nuff said.

17-06-2009, 12:33
Dark Elves

1) They are pretty wussy, but full of hate (like me)
2) They like purple
3) They ride dinosaurs
4) They have ninjas
5) They have pirates
6) They are good at everything (shooting, magic, combat and fast)

Although, I liked them when they were pretty bad too. I also have a soft spot for evil mirror images.

17-06-2009, 12:43
Dogs of War:

1. They get to experience Dolce Vita.
2. There's a wide range of troops.
3. They get paid for fighting.
4. They have unique units.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
17-06-2009, 13:17
Greenskins: for some odd reason I always play with orcs&goblins if it is possible in a game. In warhammer, 40k, mordheim, bloodbowl it is all greenskins, and even in computer games i play them if possibly.

17-06-2009, 13:20
- have collected undead since about 4th/5th edition
- like the models and the fluff
- like magic heavy armies

- really like the new warriors, knights, trolls, and horsemen models
- like the fluff and playstyle of having low lvl Tz sorcs on discs shooting fireballs
- have always liked nurgle warriors/daemons as well, because of colours, conversions, and fluff

- fluff

- fluff
- hydra, cold one, and spearmen models
- enjoy the power/fragility trade-off

17-06-2009, 13:45
Dark Elves!

Reasons? I really couldn't put it any better than Max_Killfactor did. ;)

Well, (most of) the models look really cool too!

17-06-2009, 13:48

Cool puffy sleeves
I can easily use them in our D&D games
Far and away the most flexible plastic kits (esp. the older state troops and the militia)
Very diverse troop selection

17-06-2009, 13:59
Wood Elves, mainly for the play style.

17-06-2009, 14:02
Daemons of Chaos
1) I love the fluff
2) Models are awesome
3) They're DAEMONS!!!
4) They live in another plane, a realm of Chaos and illusion... that's wonderful

Vampire Counts
1) Fluff
2) Models
3) Raising back undead
4) So many cool things too...

Warriors of Chaos
1) Amazing Miniatures
2) Cool fluff (love Chaos, as you can see...)
3) Best Cavalry models
4) Best Infantry models

17-06-2009, 15:36
I've gotta go with either:

Da Orcs an' Gobbos!

- Deyz got da best fluffy
- Deyz got da bestest models (I loves da new warboss, an' Grimgor said he'd smack me if I don't mention him)
- Deyz easy ta get ready for war (dey paints up real good an' quick)


The Ogres!

- They're etenally hungry chubby monsters (like me)
- They don't take many models to get an army together (which is good for my lazy ****)
- Their background is great (I love a race of pit-fighting savages)

lord mekri
17-06-2009, 16:09
Tough question actually.

Warriors of Chaos would have to be my favorite all around. As someone who got in to the Warhammer universe back in the days of 1st edition WFRP (by way of being a fan or the Moorcock Eternal Champions novels – best depiction of Chaos ever!) I have always loved the vision of the force of Chaos marching to destroy the world.
GW did very well in taking the Chaos ideas of Moorcock and morphing it into something unique. When I think Warhammer, I always think Chaos.
Plus the new plastic model range is excellent! Marauders, Warriors, Horsemen, Knights. Pure Awesome!
I also love the extreme barbaric quality of the army. It was my first actual Warhammer army (I started playing WFB at the start of 6th edition).

As a runner up, its tough, but I will have to say Wood Elves. One of the best model ranges in all of GW. With the exception of the Treeman and tree kin, all the models are gorgeous!! The high born with the great sword is the best model GW has ever made. I also love they way they play on the tabletop. Very unique. And when pitted against Beastmen on a nicely forested board, you basically have a completely different game of Warhammer.

The third runner up is a tie between Dark Elves and High Elves. Dark Elves for almost all the reasons Max Killfactor listed, plus the models are again gorgeous! (The metal execs, the man flayers, the new plastic CO knights and corsairs, even the old metal corsairs and the witches… wow). They also are hugely vertical in the way they can be played. Avoid one or two cheap items they have (outside of tourney play) and you have one of the best designed armies in the current edition.
High Elves have good models, great rules (although rather simplistic) but have a great synergy if you know how to tap into it (and I don’t use dragons, btw, so I usually have an actual army to play with!). Also, they hold a special place in my heart both as a former roleplayer, and the fact that they are a combination of several things I love (the heavy Greco-Roman style the army in centered around, and the fact that they are Moorcock’s Melniboneans with the Chaos parts removed).
And games between the two factions are among the best I have ever played.

The rest of the armies out there are cool in their own right. I can’t think of one I don’t like.
Even demons are cool – just too overpowered to play against most others, especially in a tourney setting. I think they should go back to the old 3rd edition Realm of Chaos idea where demons only fight other demons as part of the “Great Game” that the chaos powers hold to amuse themselves. But that’s another story…

17-06-2009, 16:11

17-06-2009, 16:14
I agree with the original poster and like my WE overall most of all my armies. I like the models very much (great weapon lord is also my favorita GW model), the playstyle and specially the fluff.

Dark Elves:
4) They have ninjas
5) They have pirates

Point here, can't go wrong with ninjas+pirates

17-06-2009, 16:21
I lead armies of Chaos but my secret love is for the Empire, I just hate painting pink flesh, couldn't ever get the hang of it and make it look good, otherwise I'd have a frontier army from Ostland with plenty of those marvellous new archers already.

17-06-2009, 20:02
Chaos by far. I love the fluff, the image is fantastic,the models are top notch and Archaon is just that cool, period.

Even the Daemons and Beasts are cool...I just happen to prefer the mortals.

Lizardmen run a close second :D

Desert Rain
17-06-2009, 21:08
High Elves, they have nice models and I like the image and feel that they have.

Lizardmen, kinda the same as HE with the addition of big dinosaury monsters.

EDIT: Forget about the fluff, that's important in both cases!

The Red Scourge
17-06-2009, 21:26
Wood Elves. You can't win because of über stats and abilities, but a little tactics will make your opponents weep. So very satisfying :)

18-06-2009, 00:24
Well, I'm still a fantasy noob (I don't even have a single army finished yet and only got into it a couple months ago) but so far my favourite army is Vampire Counts. I've always loved demons and undead, in any fantasy or sci-fi lores, and Warhammer is no different. Their fluff is fantastic, particularly Melkhior and Nagash, although the von Carsteins are very cool as well, and their models are very nice for the most part. Also I find the whole Transylvanian aesthetic to be very appealing, even if it is a little stereotypical. Lastly, they're very different in terms of play style, and in fact, overall style as well, from my Khornate Chaos Marines, which is partly why I chose to do a Vampire Counts army and not a Warriors of Chaos army, even though I do love Chaos.

I don't really know enough about the other armies to say which is my favourite, but just in terms of models I'd say either the Tomb Kings or Warriors of Chaos, especially the new Chaos Knights.

18-06-2009, 00:28
Dark Elves for me. Best models in the entire hobby hands down.

18-06-2009, 02:06
Most definitely ogres. They have great models. The fluff is awesome. You can put together a simple, straightforward army and it doesn't cost that much. Besides the fact that their rules aren't that good I don't have much bad to say about them.

18-06-2009, 02:20
I really like High Elves:


I do also love the idea of Daemons of Chaos. The idea of a pure daemon army is awesome. I like it a lot, but the list has issues, one of which being small unit count and really good rules and lack of models. The next iteration may cause me to come back to them.

18-06-2009, 02:28
Warrior of Chaos
- Great Fluff
- Awesome Mini's
- and CHAOS !!!

Daemons of Chaos
-Awesome Fluff
-Great Mini's
-ohh and CHAOS !!

and Beast of Chaos.... Waitting the new book to see what they will look like in their new eddition :D

18-06-2009, 08:36
Dark Elves for me. Best models in the entire hobby hands down.At first glance, I thought that was written as Dork Elves.

18-06-2009, 09:01
Though Wood Elves are my Fav:D
I have a reason for each army why I love them, I dont hate a single army.

Beasts of Chaos: I love the fluff, I like the models well except for some "cough, dragon ogres, cough. And most importantly I love the Shaggoth, it seems to me like an all powerful monster capable of being a one man army "fluffwise only;)"

Brettonia: Love the Knights but I LUV the peasants and men at arms, especially the trebuchet.

Dark Elves: Love the design, the killiness, the characters {Melekith is my favorite character}, the killiness, AWESOME NEW HYDRA MODEL and of course the killiness.

Dwarfs: There just funny to look at, they look like an army of short stout teapots with guns. Love tonnes of warmachines.

Empire: We can all identify with the comman man and theres nothin closer to the common man in warhammer than a state troop. Love battle wizards, warrior priests, models in general, just about all plastic and the tank {YUM}

High Elves: So beautiful and awesome models. Can someone also answer a question for me. Does anyone remember a model of a blind Eltharion "that is my favorite miniature in the High Elves range, but when I bought the new army book the cool Eltharion is replaced with a guy called Eltharion the Grim and I hate the model. Is it the same guy or have I missed something.

Hordes of Chaos: Luv Chaos "Go Slaanesh" luv models, luv evil:evilgrin:

Daemons: Awesome models, interesting way to play, something different.

LizardMen: Luv Aztecs, Maya, Inca etc but this is them with dinosaurs my second favorite thing when I was a kid:D

Ogre kingdoms: One of my most favorite army books yet with awesome art, fluff and models, and I luv the Butchers.

Orcs and Goblins: I luv orks for their character but I luv to play with snotlings and goblins, its a fun army all round with hilarious choices, squigs, snotlings, doom diver what more could you want.:D

Skaven: Love the clans, love the swarm, luv rats

Tomb Kings: Ill be honest, i only like the Kings for their Constructs.
Who doesnt like Ushabti "greatest models in their range" especially the one that looks like Anubis.

VC: Love undead and have a huge zombie themed army. Also luv vampires because I was scared of them at one stage when i was a kid:o