View Full Version : 2,250 HE Fast n' Shooty vs Dark Elves

18-06-2009, 02:52
Just taking a different tack with this list. I've had very good luck against this opponent with a magic heavy list and I ripped him up with a Star Dragon/Prince list too. Shooty is the last thing to try. To get on him fast, this list is heavy with Dragon Princes, Scouts and two eagle-mounted Nobles.

Alith Anar - xxx pts

Noble - 197 pts
Great Eagle, Reaver Bow, Dragon Armour, Shield, Mask of the Merlord (had 10pts left, gets him down to a 3+)

Noble - 191 pts
Great Eagle, Star Lance, Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield (considering Talisman of Loec instead of the Shield)

Mage - 140 pts
Level 1, Dispel Scrolls x 2

Archers x 10 - xxx pts

Archers x 10 - xxx pts
Mage here

Shadow Warriors x 10 - 172 pts
Shadow-Walker (Alith Anar here)

Shadow Warriors x 10

Dragon Princes x 6 - 255 pts
Standard Bearer, Drakemaster, Banner of Ellyrion, Amulet of Fire

Dragon Princex x 6 - 270 pts
Standard Bearer, Drakemaster, Banner of Arcane Protection, Skeinsliver





2,250 on the nose. Shooty as all heck, two nice DP hammers with MR, two march blockers, a mage hunter, and 20 guys that reroll misses against the DEs.

Comments and criticism more than welcome!

18-06-2009, 06:24
mask of merlord is only for foot slogging characters. so give him talisman of protection for a little extra help.