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18-06-2009, 06:51
OrcboyPhils Suicide elves.

Dreadlord, Frost Blade, Armour of Eternal servitude, Amulet of Protection, Shield, Sea Dargon Cloak 249pts

Dark Elf Sorceress, lvl 2, Sacrifical Dagger, Tome of Furion 175pts
Dark Elf Sorceress, lvl 2, Dispell Scroll, Dispell Scroll 185pts
Battle Standard, Banner of Nargarythe, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Beastmasters Scourge. 221pts

Total = 581pts

23 Dark Elf Spearmen, Sheild, FC, 176pts
24 Dark Elf Spearmen, Shield, FC 183pts
24 Dark Elf Spearmen, Shield, FC 183pts
10 Xbowmen 100pts
10 Xbowmen 100pts
Assassin, Rending Stars, Rune of Khaine 145pts

Total = 887 pts

Hydra 175pts
Repeater Bolt Thrower 100pts

So any good. Should I get rid of some charecters to make way for more elves? Drop the drealord for a supreme sorceress? I know I'm missing Dark riders, I just haven't got around to converting them yet unfortunatly, same with harpies, I could really do with some for warmachine hunting I just haven't got around to putting them together and the couple I have take up too much room in my case if i don't want there wings to fall off :cries:

18-06-2009, 09:58
When using Sacrificial Dagger in a Spearmen unit I usually drop the FC and the Shields. I feel less guilty when the Sorceress slits their throats at 6pts:). Remove FC and shields from a single spearmen unit.

The list is defensive at the moment. Replacing the Dreadlord with a Supreme will make it magic heavy and fit this army much better. I would go aggressive in the magic phase and get a darkstar cloak and staff as well.

If you stick with the Dreadlord you need a way to deliver him either in a Cold One Knights unit or Black Guard unit

Time of Madness
18-06-2009, 13:15
A suicide list implies that you will have no shooting or magic and thus have to charge forward. This is not a "suicide" list as per the definition.

One might say you have made some poor choices and neglected to take some of the common "cookie cutter" type items/units. Maybe that's why you are calling it a suicide list.

Time of Madness

18-06-2009, 21:01
By my reckoning you've got a HUGE amount of points in characters (almost half your army including the Assassin). DE have some awesome units, yet you've stuck with basically the most vanilla they've got (except the kick-ass Hydra). Black Guard, Shades, CoKs, CoCs - these guys are all awesome. The BG or the CoKs in particular, as PeeKay suggests would also let you deliver your Dreadlord into combat better.

Of course, if this is what you want to go with (lots of nasty characters) then don't let me persuade you otherwise, but I think you could get yourself a little more variety into your units.