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18-06-2009, 07:56
Hey guys, as stated in the title, im looking to make a 1999 lizard list for a tournament with no experience with the army :P

Here's my idea

Lv. 2 Skink With EoTG, rod of the storm, scroll

Lv.2 Skink, Blood Statuette, scroll

Saurus scar vet. cold one, talisman of prot, enchanted sh., burning blade (forgotten the name, addition -2 to armour)

18x Saurus, spears, FC.
17xSaurus, spears, FC.

Here i was going to have 10 skink skirmishers, but im considering 11 skinks with krox (squeezing in somehow)

5x chameleon skinks
5x cold one riders
9x cold one riders, standard, musician, banner of (bright lights -1/-2 to hit)

What do you guys think?

Obviously the idea behind the army is to be fast moving, pinning down faster or important units in my opponents army with the chams then to smash into big units with the large unit of cold ones with the saurus as back up. A little bit like to two wave khorne daemon army i guess. The having an almost lv 3 and a level 2 to give me an edge on magic:)

Thanks Guys!


p.s. can ppl also tell me if it's cheesy, i was trying to avoid that...

Necromancy Black
18-06-2009, 13:56
Well I assume your scarvet is going to be the general? Might wanna upgrade it to an Old-Blood then for the extra attack save and more items.

the second COR unit is probably too big. To units of 5, both with musician and banner would be much better. Give one the same banner and mayeb the other Huanchi Totems (the +d6" to charge range).

The charmelion skinks arn't going to hold down much, and I advise you get rid of them. I think you should use their points plus ones from the COR to get the other Priest onto and EotG as well.

as it is, a lv 2 and a lv 3 isn't going to give you a magically edge. That's basic magic level really.

I don't think it's cheesey at all, but I don't know if it's really going to do so well, depends on your opponents and you'll have a better idea of what they'll field then I do.

Overall I'm not sure what to advise really. It's a alot different to what I play and I'm not sure and what your play style is, don't wanna give advise your not going to understand.

This is what I play at 2000 points: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=205507

This list as proven a good list at taking on any army.

18-06-2009, 13:57
its a 1999 point tourney, so he cant have a lord.

your list is not cheesy at all, but a few things could help you out.

first 9 cold ones is to many, drop them to 5 if you want to run 2 units.

you definitly need some skink skirmishers to screen your saurus blocks. 2 units of 10(1 for each unit) is ideal, but if you had to even one bigger unit of 12-15 could screen both blocks if you run them together.

the chamelons are fun to play with, but terradons have always been much more effective from what ive found.

the saurus blocks dont need champs, they already dump out 24 str 4 attacks if you run em 6x3 and it looks like you are. save the points for terradons or something else.

im not sure how to get the points for it, but a single salamander can do wonders too. high armor blocks or low leadership troops are his main diet.

Necromancy Black
18-06-2009, 23:28
its a 1999 point tourney, so he cant have a lord.

Oops, my bad.

In that case I'd go with Eulogy2's advice. And yes, get a Salamander in there, they're fantastic.

19-06-2009, 12:25
cheers guys, i can fit two units of 10 skirmishers in happily. I'll minimise the large cold one unit and have a play around.

The chams were in there to pin units, i don't expect them to do much, just the fun :D

As to my play style, well i'm a vamp player who blends combat and magic equally. This really is a departure from anything else ive done.

salamanders sound interesting, i'll look into them. At first glance they seemed a bit random, but you guys have had success?

i'll drop the champs and play around

cheers guys!

19-06-2009, 13:13
salamanders OWN horde armies. goblins and scaven cry a little inside, even undead die in droves. you will be dumbfounded how many models fit under that template, i think my record so far was 16 hits or so. if your going for panic target those units that are out of the generals 12 inches. or just go for what ever has armor and low toughness(even 4 is ok with them). the range takes some getting use too. i typically stay away the length of the template plus 4-6 inches, unless i can line the sally up to more than one unit, then youll always hit outside of a misfire.

the onyl time i regularly use razordons is against ogres. MSU means your probably only gonna get 2 or 3 under a base, and then with toughness 4, i find razordons do much better there.

Necromancy Black
19-06-2009, 14:09
salamanders sound interesting, i'll look into them. At first glance they seemed a bit random, but you guys have had success?

Love them to death and have always served me well.