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18-06-2009, 15:38
I have always wanted to make a Traitor Guard army, but never find the time to make it. With the Forge World release of the militia conversion kit, and the new codex, I'm now seriously considering starting the army. I've been sitting around to think about the theme of the army and this is what I came up with.

I want the army to look like a militia army comprised of zealous fanatics from the hives of the corrupted system, with no uniform. I don't want them to look like dirty zealots like the Warhammer Flagellants though (Just because you're a renegade and a fanatic doesn't automatically mean you have to be unkempt :) ). I plan to have models from several sources (for example Tallarn, Catachan and Cadian converted with FW renegade kit, some Necromunda stuff, etc.) with their own individual color (but mostly will be kept neutral tone) but have them slightly unified with black and red spot color.

Now, it sounds ok on paper, but I'm worried about how the army will REALLY look when I get all those and painted them. I'll also have to think about how to make officers distinguishable from normal guys. I'm thinking about using Redemptionists from the Necromunda range as officers or 'commissars'.

Do you think this can work? Or should I go back to the drawing board?

18-06-2009, 15:44
well at least you wont get fatigued with all that variet (to see what i mean try painting 100 cadians or ork boys)

i personally would use redemptionists as priests, forge world enforcers as commisars

cadian with forge world renegade parts as the military who have turned to chaos

catachans combined with WHFB marauder parts make passable civilian type cultists

tallarns are single piece metal so not much you can do with them conversion wise

get the siege of vraks book for a good take on the lost and the damned army list

Brother Loki
18-06-2009, 16:38
The only issue I think you may come across is that the various ranges aren't quite the same scale - especially the old metal guard and newer plastic guard. This might make it hard to combine parts from the different ranges.

Using the black and red to tie them all together should work well though, even if you have a wide range of ther colours in there as well.

19-06-2009, 01:16
Thanks for the responses guys! It might actually be a while before I really get to work (Still have tons of Sisters of Battle to finish), but I'm really looking forward to it. I'll make a project log and post pictures to show you guys in a few week's time.

Thanks again :)

19-06-2009, 03:05
I was going to use the Cadian respirator heads and do an IG Veteran army, but I also liked the Renegade Conversion Kit, after seeing that 10 heads and back packs were twice the cost of full chest/head/backpack renegades... those vets are now of the renegade variety!

It actually works out pretty cool, as my CSM army consist of Death Guard upgrades to Terminators and Marines as well, so I figured the Renegades will be dedicated to Nurgle and I would have a very awesome FW Nurgle force that combined would let me get into Apocalypse, so that is what I have decided to do.

As to the modeling aspect of your post. Im not bothering with anything other then 70 Renegade bodies, so 7 packs. The weapon arms/assault weapons/enforcers/command just isn't needed for what I am doing, but is something you may want to look at depending on your army list plans. As mentioned any of the metal models will be very difficult to convert, and a lot of cutting and green stuff work would be needed, and the scale will probably be off a bit and look weird. FW has stated the kit was designed to be 100% compatible with:

Plastic Cadian.
Plastic Catachan.
Plastic Marauders from the WoC line.

Now you may be able to have them work nicely with some other plastic kits, but the three above all have examples shown on forge world and as I mentioned designed with those kits in mind for converting. This is of coarse just covering using the FW conversion kits and not any custom converting and green stuffing which you may want to use anyways. Hope at least some of this helped.

19-06-2009, 03:14
I would suggest if you decide to get the FW Renegade kits to go through a bits company, like The War Store. I have a sizable FW Renegade Militia, and for the first 5 or so kits I was buying the GW Cadian boxes... Big ($$$) mistake. The models are really cool, the Vraks lists are for the most part pretty good... I'd suggest IA:6 over IA:5, you lose the Rogue Psyker from IA:5, but you have the ability to take Khorne Berserkers, a Skull Champion as an HQ, and Bloodgor Beastmen as troops... definitely FTW. Keep your fingers crossed they release IA:7 lists to tie in with the new IG 'dex.