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Time of Madness
18-06-2009, 14:58
Cookie cutter MSU list.


- Tenderiser
- Wyrdstone necklace
- Jade Lion
- Heavy Armour/Luck Gnoblar
= 311pts

Butcher #1
- 2 Tooth Gnoblars
- Bangsticks
- Dispel Scroll
= 190pts

Butcher #2
- 2 Tooth Gnoblars
- Skullmantle
- Dispel Scroll
= 185pts

Butcher #3
- 2 Tooth Gnoblars
- Hellheart
= 190pts


3 Bulls
= 105pts

3 Ironguts
= 144pts

3 Ironguts
= 144pts

3 Ironguts
= 144pts

3 Ironguts
= 144pts

3 Ironguts
= 144pts

3 Ironguts
= 144pts


= 75pts

= 75pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1995pts

This list packs decent magic and magic protection. On top of that you have 6 hitty units backed up by characters.

The tyrant and the butchers each joins a unit of guts to spread around the hitting power and magic.

I've debated dropping the hellheart on the 3rd butcher in favour of taking the cookbook/scroll combo.

Time of Madness

18-06-2009, 15:57
I'd rather see Longstryder on your Tyrant than the Wyrdstone. A 5+ ward isn't great, especially if you loose a wound at the start of the game. And M7 is nice. Ogres are fast and that makes it hard for opponents to set up the right charges. That becomes even more difficult when the Tyrant charges 2" further. And a Guided missile Tyrant can put a big whole in the enemy's battle line and help to set up favorable positions for support.

The Hellheart is a fine choice for the Butcher. You have two scrolls already and I've never seen gut magic wounds hurt Butchers much at all. Alternatively, you could take the Siege Breaker on your Butcher. I have a friend who plays that way and has some success with it.

What about consolidating your Ironguts into 4 units of 4 and using the excess points for 2 units of gnoblars to claim/contest table quarters? Just a thought, something to alleviate the monotony of the list. with two Gorgers you'll be surrounding the enemy enough anyway, but will all but abandon your own deployment zone. And 4 ranks + outnumber can be too much for the lite units that would threaten them.

18-06-2009, 18:23
Great list. Something very close to how i was planning on setting it up.

consider giving the tyrant the +1 toughness big name probably in favour of the ward save. Ur leadership + reroll should handle it most of the time and honestly toughness 6 is real nice for soaking up missile hits if you end up running him around solo.

Personally i like the +1 toughness, tenderiser, 5+ ward and fistful of laurels combo very much.

Loos good either way.


Time of Madness
21-06-2009, 03:19
Thanks for the comments gents.

Time of Madness

21-06-2009, 09:40
How many of these models have you bought already?

I only ask as an ex-OK player myself who played almost exactly this list. I don't mean to put you off, but I couldn't find any success with it. It feels like it should work, but it just doesn't stand up against anything. If the Ogres were given one extra point of leadership or one more of toughness, they'd be a top tier army I'm almost sure (though toughness would be a bit much). But due to their low-ish leadership and low model-count, it's very easy for a shooty/magic army to completely wipe out units in a turn forcing Panic checks which you then have a high chance of failing.

If you are set on playing them, you MUST get the charge. You can almost take the unit off if you don't.

I also agree that Gnoblars are fantastic.


21-06-2009, 10:17
Why do you take tooth gnoblars an utter waste of points

I think you stand a good chance, and definetly keep the 3 butchers.

You could loose 2 ironguts and the tooth gnoblars for 3 units of bulls to bait/flee and screen.

21-06-2009, 12:14
Id recommend some trappers as a minimum. These guys are great for baiting and march blocking which lets you stop your opponent closing to stop your impact hits. They also work well at throwing rocks at stuff, you get a warn fuzzy feeling from killing a chaos knight with a cowpat to the face.

21-06-2009, 22:48
i reckon its a good allround army but id consider dropping a unit or two of igs for 2 units of 2 lbs for some hard hitting shooting, i know some people dislike them but theyr good for cutting down the number of chaos knights before they hit you

21-06-2009, 23:07
yeah leadbelchers in a list like this make excellent flank guards, and stop fast cav simply running rings around you

i personally think that you are a little character heavy, personally id equip the brusier with mastodon armour and decicate him solely to hunting war machines and missle troops, id also drop to just 2 butchers with 4 scrolls between them, that should make for adequate defence and you wouldnt lose much in casting ability because of the way that butcher spells work