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18-06-2009, 17:11
Need some help chaps....i have just about everything for models and units for Empire including the ever-devastating Steam Tank.

I would like as much input from you as possible on how to defeat Chaos Army
he uses alot of magic Tzeentech stuff and lots of warriors of Khorne. so....with this said...

i usually take an almost all sigmarite force for characters and a wizard lord for sure with another low lvl wizard....i am 2 wins to his 10 right now i can't beat him...what do i do help! have another 4000 pt battle coming up in July here and need help on tactics...and army choices.

19-06-2009, 07:52
I play warriors and the number one thing I always take are some chaos knights that are frenzied, whether through Banner of Rage or Mark of Khorne. You might be able to take them down with shooting, but don't count on it because of their 1+ armor save. Also considering the relatively low movement, you could either take lots of shooting, or take lots of steam tanks. Also 4k is alot of points. Your opponent will most likely take some Dragon Ogres as well, watch out for those. I am not sure if S7 hits can kill Steam Tanks outright but either way Dragon Ogres can get S7 atks with Great Weapons so watch out for those. You should also take about 3 or 4 scrolls in case he actually threatens you with Infernal Gateway. You shouldn't risk losing an entire unit to one spell right away.

Le Shirrif
19-06-2009, 10:56
If he uses Khorne, you can use his frenzies to your advantage. Forcing him to charge one of your squads that can hold against them for a turn or two, then flank charging with some other nasty squad is a favoured tactic I use with slaanesh and knights with my woc. Should work nicely against them.

He will try to draw your dispel dice out with Infernal Gateway if he rolls it. Unless he uses it on a very vital unit, don't waste too many dispel dice dispelling it. On average, it rolls 7 S7 hits. Whilst deadly, that isn't as deadly as many people seem to think.

Hope that helps!

19-06-2009, 11:33
Don't take too many infantry units, or at least, don't bog down your cavalry with it. Destroy the fast units first, like warhounds, flyers and chariots, then normal cavalry and other M8 (or thereabout) stuff, and lastly pound the infantry. Mop up the remains with concentrated charges. It's ugly and it's bloddy, but damn, it's war!

Seriousness aside, but reckognise the weaknesses, and try to enjoy the game. Make sure your cannons cover the main routes of advance, and never go in combat 1on1 with your units. Like they said, use the khorne frenzy to your advantage, sacrifice small point units to divert his most expensive units from a coherent battleline. A 5 man detachment unit cost 25 points at minimum, and can do wonders at giving you a flank charge. The chargers have to align with your skirmishers too, with means you can, if lucky, position your skirmishers, so that the enmy unit charging them get's an akward (for him) ending facing.

19-06-2009, 14:16
One of the things chaos knights realy hate is units that is able to rederict them (bowman detachments). Becuse they cant tackkle it with their own shooting, So... they have to rely on the magic, but of course you do have a magic defence.

19-06-2009, 16:25
For characters: an arch lector on the war alter, Balthasar Gelt for the lovely lore of metal, and a generic lvl 4 wizard lord. A stable of warrior priests and maybe a battle wizard or two for heroes.

Core: Some crossbowmen and handgunners for shooting warhounds, horsemen, and plinking off ranks. Multiple units of knights with a musician and no other command. A unit of flaggies isn't a terrible idea, but khorne cavalry have a good chance of wiping out a smallish unit outright. Archer detachments for diverting cavalry wouldn't hurt either.

Special: Cannons, more cannons, maybe some pistoliers if you want some variety.

Rare: Steam Tanks. As many as you can afford.

19-06-2009, 19:04
I forgot to mention that you should also watch out for hellcannons. They can fairly easily disable your steam tanks so be careful of those.