View Full Version : Fighting new lizardmen with bretonnians! 2000pts

18-06-2009, 17:57
Ok this is the situation, ive got an upcoming game against a relatively new player using lizardmen. Its 2000pts and i know he'll definitely be using at least one stegadon, if not 2 or 3.

After seeing a stegadon takes a hellblaster shot from 6 inches which did 24 shots and only take 3 wounds, im considering how to take them down...
They're stubborn as well. Then there's a whole load of other nasty stuff to deal with, can a knight unit break a saurus unit? etc...

Were playing mighty empires with 6 characters each which you have to choose from each battle, so mine are:

Challenge Lord: horse, lance, shield, birth-sword of carcassone, gromril great helm, virtue of confidence, gauntlet of duel
Pegasus Lord: Pegasus, virtue of knightly temper, lance, en shield

Paladin BSB: horse, valorous standard
Challenge Paladin: horse, virtue of joust, lance, cuirass of fortune, shield
Damsel lv1: horse, chalice of malfeur, dispel scroll
Damsel lv1: horse, dispel scroll

Any thoughts on army choice? Hints and suggestions welcome :D

18-06-2009, 18:03
Virtue of Heroism is nice. Killing Blow on a large target such as a steggadon.