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18-06-2009, 21:54
Hi all,

This is my army for the Temple City of Cuexotl, in the Southlands (therefore, no Saurus!). I do intend to take a small unit of Temple Guard at 2.5k+. What do you think? Its relatively magic heavy (Slann+EotG), but considering what Lizardmen can pull nowadays, it isn't that magic heavy! I'm using old skinks for my skink warriors (primarily because I got 50 of the things on eBay dirt cheap about 3 years ago and have never got round to using them!), and then new skinks for my skirmishers. 2 of the stegadons (the spcl choice and the EoTG) are old steggies, while the chief's will be a new one (once I've got it). The actualy engine will be from the new howdah. Oh, and the Krox is my Bloodbowl Krox so a bit of a mix of miniatures!

See what you think...

Lord Xlotl - Slann Mage-Priest - 355 points
Focused Ruminations, Harrowing Scrutiny
Plaque of Protection
As this guy has no Temple Guard to hide in I thought I'd give him the scrutiny to make him harder to charge and the Plaque to make him almost immune to shooting

Skicotl - Skink Chief - 300 points
Venom of the Firefly Frog

Shiki - Skink Priest - 405 points
Level 2 Priest
Ancient Stegadon with an Engine of the Gods
Plaque of Tepok

The Band of Spawn-kin - 169 points
20 Skinks
1 Kroxigor
Musician, Standard Bearer

The Eastern Hunters - 80 points
10 Skink Skirmishers
Javelins and Shields

The Western Hunters - 80 points
10 Skink Skirmishers
Javelins and Shields

The Jungle's Wrath - 135 points
3 Jungle Swarms

The Wings of the Canopy - 90 points
3 Terradon Riders

Rwaa'aa - 235

Xili and Pe'paa - 150
2 Salamander Hunting Packs

To make it a truly skink army I ditch the Slann, give the Chief the Stegadon Helm instead of the Venom, swap the Plaque of Tepok for the Glyph Necklace, take an extra Priest with the Cloak of Feathers, a Razordon Hunting (Spi'kii) and a unit of 7 Chameleons.

Al thoughts / ideas welcome!

19-06-2009, 04:49
why the venom over the spear? just curious, other than that it looks really nice and fluffy. :)

19-06-2009, 17:04
If you mean over the War-spear, purely because the venom is a 5th of the cost! If you mean a mundane spear, I expect its because I haven't got the points for both and I don't know why but I've always liked the venom - just an irrational like I suppose!

20-06-2009, 14:59
Instead of the one unit with the Krox try going with all of the squads skirmishing and blowpipes to get as many as you can and drop the chameleon skinks to max the terradons
Hope this helps :D

21-06-2009, 15:43
you may want to give the slann higher state of consciousness, so that a unit of fast cavalry can't ruin your day so easily.