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19-06-2009, 13:01
Just for fun I thought I'd post this list. Its the list I've been running for more or less 2 years. It has all of the models I want in it and my finished conversions, which I'd like to post in the Project Forum when their down being painted. There are a few tweaks it could use, which I'll mention later. But for now I thought I'd put it out there for C&C.

yes, my army and characters have names. :rolleyes: They have names, but no back stories. They do have a Brother who is an outcast Alter Highborn w/ the Spirit Sword. Maybe I'll use that list someday when GW fixes that monstrosity.

The Princes of Deephallow.

Lord Iluxuen Valeay. The Bladefeather. The Dancer King.
Wardancer Highborn.
Blades of Loec, Annoyance of Netlings, Amber Pendant. (285)

Alter Kindred Noble.
La, sh, GW. The Hail of Doom Arrow and the Helm of the Hunt. (158)

Alter Kindred Noble.
La, sh, GW. The Stone of the Crystal Mere. (138)

Loremaster. Lvl1
2 scrolls. (140)


5 Glade Riders w/ musician. (129)
3 x 8 Dryads. (96 ea)


2 x 7 Wardancers w/ full command. (147 ea)
4 Treekin. (265)
6 Wild Riders w/ Full Command and the Warbanner. (217)


Treeman. (285)

Great Eagle. (50)

54 models, 11 deployments.

The biggest uncertainty here is the second Alter Noble. I've been going back and forth between him and a BSB w/ the SotCM and the SoM. Both are effective for what they do, and both can be, and have been, game breaking. But I just have to choose one or the other. right now I'm leaning towards the Alter simply for the threat. This is a fast combat army so I think it just fits better with the second Alter rather than the BSB. But there have been games though where re-rolling a break test or two would've made all the difference.

So what do you think?

the gribbly
20-06-2009, 17:08
Willowdark, greetings. Seems like a nice balanced list. How do you find the treekin perform? I have used a WD highborn for close to 100 games and love the guy (although I think the TMA is probably more efficient, he's also less fun).
I understand your list is built around your favorite models so my suggestions will be limited by this. Anyway heres a few thoughts:

-I believe your lords points are off..should be 290 iirc. Also the amber pendant is very good but dont you find you have problems with his survivability with things like monsters, ogre infantry, etc? I used to use the pendant but found the amaranthine brooch better vs non character threats and elven initiative or the ASF dance usually sufficient for the rest. What are your thoughts and experiences?

-IMO I Dont think a bsb is all that necessary in this list but a compromise I have been using for quite some time is a guy I call "Asyendi"- windrider noble (eagle), bsb, asyendi's bane, HoDA. He has a 3+ eagle ward, 32" reroll range, the best HoDA delivery possible, and will never give up his std unless you choose to commit to favorable combats due to his ability to flee (which is lost when joined to a WD unit). Very efficient IMO and fluffy too.

-If you did go with "asyendi" you could then give your second alter HoTH for, 4+/3+ with the option of turtling with hw & sh for a 2+/3+ save.

-Lastly, have you ever considered just dropping the dispelsinger for another alter? I often play with no magic defense and while it is more challenging I feel its usually not gamebreaking. This would allow you to include the flying bsb and 2 alters, the other with E.shield and A.brooch for 2 very survivable very fast threats.

Anywho thats all I got. -grib

20-06-2009, 17:41
I don't think the highborn or the second noble are good value for points (read: WE characters tend to suck). The rest looks good.

20-06-2009, 18:07
I am liking all these WElve lists floating around lately, especially considering that I am just starting an army of them myself (hint hint, check out my dragon list).

Ive got a few suggestions purely from what Ive considered and the few proxied small games Ive played with them.
Overall I really like this list mainly as it has most of the units Im aiming to get myself; treemen, treekin, wardancers etc but I am wondering why no glade guard? They seem pretty effective for there cost and its unusual to not see them in a list. Other than trying to fit them in I wouldnt particualrly change any of the units without loosing the synergy of the units.
Firstly I would agree with gribbly concerning your WD Highborn and the selection of the amber pendant. It may sound naive but it just doesnt seem like it would be all that useful, you should be able to get the charge of if you use the glade riders to bait any immediate threats and with high initiative you would be striking first in consequent rounds. I personally would use the broach, it may not be the best in challenges with all those magic weapons floating around but I would presume most people would be unwilling to send in there big bad ass lord knowing that you will likely to have blades of loec and thus likely aiming for the killing blow.
Onto your question about the 2nd noble. I would prefere to make him into a bsb with sotcm, SoM and mounted on a eagle. I would disagree with Gribbly about the usefulness of it in this army, the combination of bsb and treekin/treeman would give you a very reliable anchor, more so than if it was just a lone treeman. He still would have the speed of the altar and could take out small units on his own with the help of the eagle.
Thats all Ive got.

22-06-2009, 12:01
Well thanks guys. There are really a lot of good suggestions here, stuff that I haven't even considered.

I like the BSB on Eagle idea, though I think that I'd prefer n-l-h's idea of the SotCM and the SoM rather than shuffling the HoDA around. I have really assumed having a BSB meant fitting him into combat, which has been the biggest reason for me to choose against him. Having an Eagle for a mount opens up a lot of possibilities so I think that I will try it out.

About Glade Guard:

The problem here is that if I wanted Glade Guard I would basically have to drop the Treekin to make room, they're really the only expendable unit. The Treekin are a unit of luxury, something that I want in the army and just have to make room for. I recognize the lack of shooting and its disadvantages, but I think my point of view is a lot like Gribbly's and scroll caddies. If you're brave enough to go without it a few times you realize that it's not so bad.

That being said I would never go without a Scroll Caddy. I will primarily be playing against a Slann, Lord of Change, Nurgle sorcerers and High Elf Archmages. The caddy will be a must.


I am absolutely in love with this unit. If it is something you want, you have to pay a lot of attention to it to make it work. 4 strong is a must, especially if they're going to be exposed to a lot of shooting. Your enemy will have to deal 6! wounds to reduce their combat efficiency significantly at all.

I try to give them the straightest lane possible, so deployment is huge for these guys. I try to give them 1 units of Dryads as support. Together, they just own their threat zone. They're fast enough to get the charge on most things, though relatively slow for Ogre Class infantry, or you can just shove them in the enemy's face for real pressure.

alternatively, I will run them in tandem with my Treeman, holding them back a little and using the Treeman's free pivot to set up angles, putting my enemy into situations where charging one unit will expose the flank to the other. It forces a really hard decision on the opponent. Most people will charge the Treekin because the Treeman is Stubborn, but the Kin are super hard to wound and can kill a lot in return, if they don't fluff. In most normal circumstances they can hold the charge just as well.

But anyway. Thanks for the ideas guys, the Eagle BSB is something I need to try out.