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dwarf lord
19-06-2009, 17:29
Ive been away from the game for about 1 1/2 years now and this is my 1st LM list so all feedback is appreciated.

255 pts Saurus Oldblood: light armour, carn peenant, burning blade, maiming shield, glyph necklace. 2+ save, 5+ ward save, 7 s5 att at -4 sv
384 pts skink chief: LA,sh, warspeer w/ ancient steg
145 pts lvl 2 skink priest: dispel scroll, diadem

240 pts 18 saurus: spears, standard, champion, shield
228 pts 18 Saurus: spear, standard (oldblood in this unit), shield
198 pts: 16 skinks: javelin, shield, standard, X2 Kroxigors
198 pts: 16 skinks: javelin, shield, standard, X2 Kroxigors
70 pts: 10 skink sjirmishers: blowpipe
70 pts: 10 skink skirmishers: blowpipe
70 pts: 10 skink skirmishers: blowpipe

90 pts: 3 terradons

150 pts: 2 sallies
150 pts: 2 razordons

2,248 pts if my calculations are correct. All feedback would be appreciated.

dwarf lord
19-06-2009, 17:48
I forgot a few things. This is a take on all comers list meant for competitve but friendly play. This is not a tourney list meant for winning only. I haven't played for quite some time but I used to be one of the better players in my area so I dont mind a few losses if the games are fun but dont want to get my butt handed to me either.

19-06-2009, 18:51
No mount for the Oldblood?

dwarf lord
19-06-2009, 18:59
what should I cut to get the points? I understand the advantages of a mount for characters in infantry units in 7th edition but he already has a 2+ armour save.

dwarf lord
19-06-2009, 19:01
I also dont think a mount is a good idea for a character in a infantry unit when he has the carnosaur pendant.

19-06-2009, 19:19
Ahh, didn't see that you were going to put him in a unit. XD

Necromancy Black
20-06-2009, 01:25
The lack on any hardhitters is going to hurt you, and your General is going to have some trouble catching other character because of his speed.

Also he's got 5 Str 5 attacks with -4 AS flaming, 1 Str 5 magical attack, normal -2 AS and once he does a wound he'll get +1 Str 5 flaming attack with a -4 AS.

Personally I'd change the maiming shield for the shield of the Mirrored pool. You got jack all in the line of magic defense so some nasty magic missile protection will be handy.

I really think you want a BSB in there somewhere as well, as you do not want those saurus blocks to run.

Personally I'd prefer this sort of Old-Blood on foot:
Shield, Burning Blade, Hide of the Cold Ones, Glyth Necklace.

1+ AS, 5 Str 5 -4AS flaming attacks, T6, causes fear and 5+ ward save. The Stupidity isn't that much of an issue with Cold Blooded and you ignore it when in combat anyways.

Mind you, I'd have a bunch more magic if I took that Old-Blood (at least an EotG).

dwarf lord
20-06-2009, 02:34
What would you suggest as a heavy hitter? The list has a ancient steg w/ warspeer, a oldblood w/ 7 attacks ( 6 magical flaming at -4 AS), and 4 s6 Kroxigors. I agree I should find a way to get EOTG in the list but I dont see what I can cut. I dont plan on casting anything, I just want to keep from being overwhelmed in the magic phase. Maybe I was wrong but w/ a lizzie list I thought I had enough heavy hitters since even Saurus pack a pretty good punch. I will have trouble w/ greater demons and dragons Im sure but I doubt Ill see 2 many of those and everyone short of gunlines strugles 2 deal w/ them. Thanks for the feedback.

Necromancy Black
20-06-2009, 03:37
The heavy hitters are COR and Stegadons, Kroxigors arn't as heavy hitting but are fantastic flankers. The best use of your skink/krox units is to flank charge anything that chargers the saurus.

While Saurus units can put out alot of pain they are not heavy hitters. For a start they'll be the ones hit the most since they only have M4. What they are good for is holding ground, which is what you want so those skink/krox units can flank charge and then you'll really be able to kill stuff.

Dunno how you'll go against some of the real hitters out there, like Blood Knights and Chaos Knights. The old Nurgle Knights with Rage Banner should run right through your Saurus units, and there will be either a champion to tie up your Old Blood or a chaos character to chop him up. I wouldn't consider the Old Blood a hitter as he's going to be striking after the enemy about 90% of the time.

The Warspear Steg should be alot better as a hitter, just try not to send it into something too big.

And yes, dragons are a pain in the ****. I'm not 100% sure how to deal with them yet, though a Slann with banehead on the rider seems to scare them away :p