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20-06-2009, 14:14
Just wondering where the best place for a Damsel is?

Say, for example, I have a lord, 2 paladins (one as BSB) and a Damsel Caddy, and enough units of knights to put them all in, as well as some infantry. Obviously as she is my main magical defense it makes sense to keep her safe, but on the other hand her MR would add some protection to a main unit of knights.

Normally with a Caddy I just hide them out of the way, but the MR is tempting...do I risk sticking her in the knights, where she is liable to be targeted easily in combat or just pop her in one of the infantry units?

20-06-2009, 16:20
my friend always puts at least one damsel in his grail bus and the damsel is almost always fine i say try it out. That magic resistance makes a already mean unit meaner. You do know the damsel can go in the center of the knights right but she does lose los. So that is why he always takes life lore.

Bretonnian Lord
20-06-2009, 17:55
Put her in a unit of Knights, in the exact center. She lacks line of sight, so she won't be able to cast most spells, but if you're taking her as a caddy, that's not an issue. She won't be a target in close combat unless enough knights are killed and she will still contribute MR to the knight unit.


K = Knight, D = Damsel

That's an example of the lance formation with a Damsel in the center. Read the rules for the Lance Formation in the Bretonnian army book to get a more detailed explanation.

21-06-2009, 19:01
Putting her in the centre is definately the best way to keep her safe, but I thought that all characters had to go in the front rank?

Danger Rat
21-06-2009, 22:16
No there is an exception for damsels (see pg 41) they can go in the centre of the second rank.

Its well worth it against armies which are magic heavy but against some armies its worth having her out of the unit for the line of sight spells especially if your using beasts.