View Full Version : Using the Cauldron of Blood in 1500 points

20-06-2009, 18:35
Hey there everyone. Based on sulla's and others great discussion in the Dark Elf tacita thread in regards to how great the Cauldron of Blood can be, and that every new Dark Elf general should learn how to use it well, I've become quite interested in doing just that.

I'd like to make a 1500 point army including a Cauldron of Blood, which at the very least I find interesting due to it being different than what I'm used to thus far with the Dark Elves. Also, I happen to be a new DE general, and as such, would like to follow sulla's advice and learn how to best employ the Cauldron.

Now, I assume including the CoB means having to somewhat build an army around it, so to speak. So, what I'm looking for is your advice on just how to do this, and what to include in such an army. Obviously, it would make sense to include a lot of Har Ganeth and Khainite themed units, but once again a lot of these are new to me. So, whatever you have in mind for this idea, please share! Thanks!

22-06-2009, 03:28
The things that combo with it best are multiple attack troops with either the extra attack, or killing blow, and high strength attacks comboing with the extra attack.

I always like to start off with a unit of BG to act as a bodyguard for the cauldron. They usually deploy right in front of it to prevent any cheeky characters charging the cauldron. They don't need to be a huge unit because often with a cauldron, you will have other threats.

Next, you choos your other cauldron hard hitters from either knights, executioners, Great weapon shades or hydra (or potentially more BG). Even witches could be used with the killing blow boost, but since they are so vulnerable to being charged and having the front row wiped out, and vulnerable to baiting, they are not quite as safe an option as the others.

Once you've gotten your heavy hitters, you choose the appropriate support in the form of core, your last two characters and possibly RBT. You could take 2 lvl2s and a bunch of shooting, or plenty of disruption with harpies, DR's and a scroll caddy, or even more cc power with a hydra banner BSB or a pair of assassins? It really depends on your choices of hard hitters what your most appropriate support for them would be.

I actually don't find the khainite choices particularly awesome with the cauldron, but all my opponents armies have plenty of attacks on the charge and plenty of fear/terror or multi attacks and shooting, so often I prefer speed/elusiveness over more fragile infantry. But the game changes a lot depending on your opponents so it may be worth using them if you face a lot of elves, dwarves or humans.